Frey Sohler

Domaine Charles Frey

Alsace Riesling 2019

Babbalooey and I agree. Easy light not sweet relaxing drinking now Riesling. — 3 days ago

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How cute!


He has the sweetest face!🥰

Domaine Charles Frey

Alsace Sylvaner 2014

Evocative of place- rich body, golden patina — 2 months ago

Tyler Gobberdiel
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Domaine Charles Frey

Quintessence Alsace Pinot Noir

Lively and smooth pinot noir. Blackberries and some strawberry hints underlying the earthy taste. — 3 months ago

Tracy Huff
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Domaine Charles Frey

Collines de Granit Alsace Gewürztraminer 2016

whiplash tangerine streak at first.....the tropical/lychee/rosewater thing of leans a little oily, which may be the years on its side speaking, and there’s the faintest bit of something that falls between rubber and mint. a fleeting rose perfume comes back, then some grapefruit rind. then this weird thing that’s like baby aspirin rubbed into wet wood. plucky. — 18 days ago

Jess Paley
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Organic Mendocino Sauvignon Blanc 2019

No complaints here! Fruity aromas, gentle acidity. Wine is bright; taste & color. — 3 months ago

Paul Jaboulet Aîné

Domaine Mule Blanche Crozes-Hermitage Roussanne Marsanne 2018

“All my wines tells a story” is quoted by Caroline Frey and the back label, and I do Iove this story from start to finish. Make it a winter staple and pair it with a French classic, such as Sole à la meunière or a Chicken with cream and mushroom sauce.
La Mule Blanche from Paul Jaboulet Aine is an equal blend of Marsanne and Rousanne. It present a Burgundian like expression but a bit riper profile. Ripe primary fruit with grilled lemon, juicy peaches, honey and buttercup that is supported by a foundation of nuts and crushed stones. A lovely texture on the palate with good weight and density that is balanced by a savoury and fresh base note that holds the wine togheter throughout the finish.
— 3 months ago

Weingut Frey

Hangen-Weisheim Sommerwende Pinot Noir 2017

Amazing quality. Very floral, balanced. But a bit new world like — a month ago



Took a while to open up, but worth it trying it the next day. Slight brett (not overwhelming), blue fruits and Beaujolais-esque vibrancy — 2 months ago

Domaine Charles Frey

Harmonie Alsace Pinot Noir

Alsatian Pinot. Who knew? Very good — 2 months ago

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Organic Mendocino Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Really like this! I was pleasantly surprised on my first sip. I’m not the greatest at describing flavors. To me it has a slight sweetness, it’s a little lighter than some cabs I’ve had, but definitely not leaking in flavor. I love that it’s clean and organic with no added sulfites. — 4 months ago