Dr. Bürklin Wolf

Dr. Bürklin-Wolf

Hohenmorgen Riesling 2014

Up there with the Morstein. — 11 days ago

James GPeter CJean Hu
with James, Peter and 2 others
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Dr. Bürklin-Wolf

Riesling Forster Ungeheur G.C. 2015

Somewhat reserved on the nose but big and powerful on the palate. Citrus, butter lemon PU the and mineral. Quite alcoholic (13.5%) for a Riesling and it shows in the mouthfeel. — 4 months ago

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Dr. Bürklin-Wolf

Deidesheimer Riesling 2016

Absolutely delicious, well worth the extra $$ — 6 months ago

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Dr. Bürklin-Wolf

Ruppertsberger Gaisböhl Riesling Grosses Gewächs 2015

Nose is smoke.

Palate is Dense fruit. Green apple skin. Sparkly minerality. Very good balance - a bit fruity for pfalz but that’s the vintage. Almost a citrus fat.
— 2 months ago

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Dr. Bürklin-Wolf

Pechstein G.C. Riesling 1997

Yea! We have a winner! I am a fan of BW. A HUGE fan! Drinking these “old” ladies is very refreshing. They are not old, they are full of life and leave you speechless. 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003 and 2004 are from another planet — 3 months ago

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Dr. Bürklin-Wolf

Dry Riesling 2018

Nice wine. Acid was a little unbalanced for me but strong typicity for Pfalz and a good partner for fish and rice. — 6 months ago

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Dr. Bürklin-Wolf

Deidesheimer Langenmorgen Riesling Grosses Gewächs 2015

Wow. Pop and pour, but 1.5 hrs slow-ox. On the nose: peach, sweet kumquat, pineapple, soft herbs. On the palate: fantastic acidity and density, sweet grapefruit, apple, tarragon...so primary, but lovely power/extraction and weight. — 7 months ago

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Dr. Bürklin-Wolf

Grosses Gewächs Jesuitengarten Riesling 1999

Impossible to dislike this wine. It’s big and elegant, perfectly balanced and very long. Wow! At that time it was a spätlese trocken. 🚀👊🏻🍾😍 — 4 months ago

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Dr. Bürklin-Wolf

Böhlig Wachenheimer Riesling 2017

Unsurprisingly warm & rich (warm vintage) and layered with quite some weight & substance and a dense, oily texture. Cutting through this, and beautifully balancing it all out, comes bright, mineral acidity. Ripe peach & apricot, baked lemons, a dollop of honey, a smoky note towards the finish.
This is quite complex and very good.... yet somehow misses the wow factor.
— 6 months ago