Vintage Porto Port Blend 1977

God save the Queen! — 7 months ago

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Fine White Porto

First dabble into port in general. — 2 years ago

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Sharon B

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How did you like it?

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Enjoyed it. Now I see why it has a cult following.


20 Year Old Tawny Porto

Great way to end a meal. Spice accents and plum finish. — 4 years ago


Late Bottled Vintage Porto Port Blend 2016

It is a shy violet or rather there are shy notes of violet? It smells of jam and chocolate liqueur and the body…it is like hi alcohol but keep it in mind and the ripeness of blue and black amd also so (little) red so this is heady with balance.
If we could only.
Really though there is a chocolate and MULTI-FRUIT thing happening. So fun. I should add more now but I’m a smidge intoxicated with this elixir
— 8 months ago

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Always the most interesting notes! You have a way with words. Cheers!🍷
Ellen Clifford

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@Trixie thank you so much!


Master Blend Finest Reserve Port 2011

Consumed 11/2018. Not sure if the picture and the description from the app match or not. Alc. 19.5% — 4 years ago

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Silver Jubilee Vintage Port 1979

Elegant and sublime. A touch of sharpness, but the flavors are still packing a wallop. What a vintage. — 4 years ago

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Colheita Single Year Tawny Porto 2017

Sun-kissed raisins all the way. — 2 years ago


Millennium Selection Vintage Porto 1985

1985 vintage in 2019 at Gallagher’s in Vegas. Jammy fig. — 3 years ago


Trademark Finest Reserve Porto

Bit darker and less sweet than I was expecting, but I found myself reaching for glass after glass. Heavy and sits on the back roof of my palate. Initial aroma reminded me of wine served at Catholic mass — 4 years ago


Late Bottled Vintage Porto Port Blend 2011

A delicious example of LBV Port - it has all the classic vintage port attributes - plummy licorice aromas and flavors, balanced seemed and acidity, chewy texture -- all this is in the LBV except with a little less intensity. I like the Dow style - it's less sweet than Grahams and a bit more herbal in character. This is a beautiful wine for the price — 4 years ago

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