Vintage Porto 1991

1991. Decanted. Much better after 24 hours of air and still singing after 48 hours. I got raisins, dried cherry, a lot of orange peel, fresh herbs, some wood, a bit of cigar, but I was truly surprised by the citrus I got in each visit. Really loved this. Definitely let it air for a day at this point. — 15 days ago

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Vale do Bomfim Douro Malvasia Fina Blend 2021

Not fruity but still very tasty. Definitely buy again — 8 months ago


Crusted Porto Blend 2012

Dry, blueberry, cassis, dusty cocoa, minty fresh. Nice finish. As it got air it evolved and improved. — 2 years ago

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Late Bottled Vintage Porto 2017

Nice easy drinking port with fruit forward flavors and a smooth finish. — 15 days ago


Reserva Vale do Bomfim Douro White Blend

Very smooth. Good with cheese & appetizers. Salads & seafood Enjoyed with Bob. 13%Tropical fruit & Citrus flavors. CPM. — 7 months ago


Quinta Do Bomfim Vintage Porto 1990

Alex Lallos

Beat bottle I’ve had of this yet. Way to go dow! Merry Christmas — 2 years ago

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Renown Porto

NV / Port on an august evening with the cheese… it works 😏 — 3 years ago

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20 Aged in Oak Tawny Porto Port Blend

11/23 Beautiful Port. 89 — 2 months ago


20 Year Old Tawny Porto

I often find young (“young” is relative of course) port difficult to understand. Was a nice bookend to our wine study, but the older drinkers on the table all commented how “light” it was and that it didn’t feel like a tawny port. Hmmmm. — 5 months ago

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Master Blend Finest Reserve Porto

Sticky and sweet with heavy notes of cherry and plum — 2 years ago