Clos Saint Jean

Domaine Jean-Claude Marsanne

Saint-Joseph Syrah 2018

An absolutely wonderful St Joseph. Decanted 8+ hours which I’d recommend at this point. Very glad I have some more in storage to try in a few years. Inky dark, excellent dark fruit with some great olive / earth / pepper notes, great mouth feel, nice long finish, all comes together very well. Delicious. — 7 days ago

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Lyle Fass

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Classic stuff

Jean-Marc Pillot

Les Vergers Clos Saint-Marc Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru Chardonnay 2013

Gorgeous. Almost blows and tropical. Lemon, pineapple, salinity, fresh lime. Really luscious and delicious. On the edge of too much but just the right side. Great stuff stuff — 21 days ago

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Pascal Chatonnet

L'Archange Saint Emilion 2018

Festive evening with friends right in the middle of the Beaujolais region. Bordeaux tonight, Beaujolais tomorrow... No notes

But man what a juice 🤤
— 2 days ago

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Domaine Paul Pillot

Clos Saint Jean Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru Chardonnay 2019

Wow! What an explosion of flavours and a nose to die for. Paul Pillot makes big big wines — 6 days ago

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Guilhem et Jean Hugues Goisot

Moury Saint-Bris Sauvignon Blanc

Crisp but not as grapefruit forward as most sav blancs and with more texture — 15 days ago

Domaine des Pierres Sèches Sylvain Gauthier

Sainte-Épine Saint-Joseph Syrah 2014

Lyle Fass

Floral, spicey, mocha, gorgeous fineness and clarity. Soft and juicy. Lovey finish. Super juicy and clear. Red fruited. Terrific freshness and acidity. Awesome length. Nose is so high toned. Cote Rotie like. Purple jelly donut vinous though. Fine tannins. Maybe needs a steak. Awesome minerals. — 3 hours ago

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Jean Francois Jacouton

Saint-Joseph Sortilege 2018

Lovely st Joseph. Decanted 3 hours, in a pretty good place actually. So nice and deep briny dark fruits with good acid and a quite complete finish. Delicious. Excellent with skirt steaks off the grill. — a month ago

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Lyle Fass

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Such a good value.
Pooneet K

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Very much agreed!

Guilhem et Jean Hugues Goisot

Corps de Garde Saint Bris Goisot

Vif, frais et pur — 9 days ago

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Serge Mismetti

Serge Mismetti

Ce domaine est une valeur sûre , longtemps que je n’ai pas regoûté….

Jean Delobre

La Ferme des Sept Lunes Syrah 2019

We’ve had serious bottle variation with this producer but decided to take a chance. Fresh & juicy, beautiful fruit, tad reductive, big acidity, lovely with homemade pork rillettes. — 4 days ago

Alsu Shakirova
with Alsu
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