Blagden & Gonnet

Domaine Billard-Gonnet

Chaponnières Pommard 1er Cru Pinot Noir 2013

Fucking burgundy!!!! Pretty much that’s the note.

Nose has earth, precise cherries. Just ... perfect fucking burgundy.

Palate. Precise cherries. A hint of cherry licorice. So fresh and balanced. So grippy. Great texture. Almost a hint of grapefruit pith to round it out. So well made. Just lasers the palate with fresh cherry juice. ... fucking burgundy!

As it opens you get some of that elegant richness that you want. Finish is gorgeous cherries. Cherry licorice. Almost a hint of chocolate covered cherries. So fucking good.

This is exactly what you want. Not an iota more. Not an iota less.

Like I said ... fucking burgundy! So awesome and classic.

And yes this needs another 5 years. Sue me.

Bought from fass selections.

— 18 days ago

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Domaine Billard-Gonnet

Rugiens-Pommard 1er Cru Pinot Noir 1996

Pure terroir at this point which is quite funny actually. Not sure this wine could die. The energy is deep. The terroir is stark. The finish is intense. No style of winemaking to speak of. — 4 months ago

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Domaine Billard-Gonnet

Les Charmots Pommard 1er Cru Pinot Noir 1964

My sister, mom and I enjoying one of the last remnants of my dad’s wine collection. He passed 15 years ago, but this vintage Burgundy from the year my parents were married was special. The wine had a unique, aged taste that is not for everyone. It was very sherry-like. Otherwise, there were Raisins, leather, and plums on the palate. Sweet plums and tobacco on the nose. An enjoyable experience! — 8 months ago

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Jonathan Wall

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Another reason wine is awesome. Go Dad!

Charles Gonnet

Vin de Savoie Mondeuse 2018

I love this varietal. Inky color, blueberry/Boysenberry jam, wild spice, geranium, chalky minerality, funk(in the best way), medium tannin, chalky finish and great acid. — 11 days ago

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Mark Eastom

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Black pepper.

Domaine Billard-Gonnet

Pommard-Rugiens Bas 1er Cru Pinot Noir 2010

Really complete now. Starts out savory and sweetens up with air. There are such excellent chiseled minerals that get cut with air at the same rate that the fruit gets sweet and fleshy. The fruit gets more pink too, more raspberry than cherry. The savory component changes with air in a non-linear fashion, but it’s an excellent forest smell, wild maitake and violet. Really well resolved. Such fine tannins. Compared to the Thörle, which has more aspects to it, and now seems composed, this feels so much more organic and soulful. There’s not a jagged edge in here. Great. — 4 months ago

Lyle Fass
with Lyle
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Sangiacomo Vineyard Chardonnay 2016

Nice acid. Roberts Road vineyard in the Petaluma Gap, so cool climes. 16 mo. In barrel. Thank you Catherine Blagden! — 8 months ago

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Charles Gonnet

Vin de Savoie Chignin Jacquère

fuxkin tight. alpine for days, gimme those rocks baby!! fresher than your underwear on laundry day — 9 days ago

Guillaume Gonnet

Bel Ami Chateauneuf du Pape Red Rhone Blend 2016

Deep ruby, high intensity of tertiary aroma, ripe berries, dry fruit, vanillas, clove, game, meaty, tobacco, fur. Dry, Sweet spices, high tannin ,m acidity, h alcohol, intense flavors. Long finish, need further aging — 2 months ago

Domaine Billard-Gonnet

Chaponnières Pommard 1er Cru Vieilles Vignes Pinot Noir 2008

This is such old school Burgundy. Nose is so fragrant with gravel, mahogany, dark cherry, spice. Concentrated yet lithe in the mouth. Zinging acids. Resolved tannins. Great length and cling. Wow. — 7 months ago

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Sangiacomo Vineyard Pinot Noir 2017

So much potential - I’m a buyer of this one — 8 months ago

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