Antonio Vallana E Figlio

Antonio Vallana e Figlio

Campi Raudii Piemonte Nebbiolo 2013

Sweet core of cherry jolly ranchers enveloped in delicate perfume & tannins. Tar, acid, florals. Quenching finish. A true gourmand wine. Superb, and an incredible value. — a month ago

Alsu Shakirova
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Peter Sultan

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Yes. Though some old timers have told me the new generation of Vallanas can’t match the Vallanas of old..@Andrew Schirmer

Antonio Vallana e Figlio

Cuvée Bernardo Vallana Spanna Nebbiolo 2016

Delectable Wine

A rush of sweet red cherry, tobacco, mint, dried flowers and cedar hits the palate as this racy, deep, beautifully proportioned Nebbiolo shows off its considerable allure. Readers will have a hard time finding a wine from any region that delivers this much pleasure and character for the money. $25.00 (Antonio Galloni, Vinous, October 2020) — 2 years ago

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Annette Govan

Annette Govan

Wish list!😍

Antonio Vallana e Figlio

Spanna Cinque Castelli Colline Novaresi Nebbiolo 1967

A much darker color than I would have expected from a 52 year old wine. Powerful, youthful and complex aromas of plums and tobacco. At this point your mind is racing , can the palate equal or exceed the nose because you know if it can you are in for a treat. A very alive , acid driven palate of plums, cherries and tea. Had an old vine creaminess component. After approximately 2 hours the wine started to take on a less open personality. — 3 years ago

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Peter Sultan

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What a treat—Have heard stories about the old Vallanas but started to think they were myths. Thanks for sharing. Curious how you feel about the new generation of Vallana, which often gets released with several years of bottle age, it seems (I like them, a lot).
Ira Schwartz

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@Peter Sultan have had a handful of ‘58s and most have been drinkable to wow.
I posted on a 1997 Gattinara a few years back that was wonderful. So funny because last weekend I purchased a bottle of their 2010 Boca for my GF’s “ cellar” ( which in this case means a mixed case in a box) . I have always found tremendous Q/PR with them🤫
Peter Sultan

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If only my wife came with a cellar 🤪@Ira Schwartz! They really do bring QPR, & that rusty iron ingot, old school palate is in my wheelhouse- cheers

Antonio Vallana e Figlio

Gattinara Nebbiolo 2010

Casey Curbow

Featherweight, but focused classic core. Always love this wine. — 5 months ago

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Antonio Vallana e Figlio

Spanna Colline Novaresi Nebbiolo 2018

Winner! 🍕🍕 — 4 months ago

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Antonio Vallana & F.S.A.S.

Vallana Campi Raudi Red Blend

What a wine and what a bargain. This is a Nebbiolo based blend from the far north of Piedmonte. Big, ripe, a bit tannic but very drinkable. And a 2009 library release just out for $22?! Will be back to get in volume. — 2 years ago

Antonio Vallana e Figlio

Barbera 2015

Wowza, as good as the 14 was, the 15 is frickin amazing, its great now, filled with blood orange flavor, minerals and fresh acidity. It will also age for a long time and be better. What a great buy — 4 years ago

Antonio Vallana e Figlio

Spanna Cantina Castello di Montalbano Piemonte Nebbiolo 1954

This is dark and primary still. A tarry nose with a medicinal twist (Benadryl?). The palate is ripe and blocky. Few signs of its substantial age- deep and rich. Like an old school Cornas. Apparently these has 3-6 months contract with skin with minimal punching down which explains their unusual longevity. Amazing stuff. — 4 months ago

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Antonio Vallana e Figlio

Spanna Cantina Podere Tre Torri Traversagna Nebbiolo

The eternally understated Spanna from Piemonte is elegant, with notes of earth, black and red fruits and significant length. Am@always baffled why these come with such good QPR! — 8 months ago

Antonio Vallana e Figlio

Piemonte Barbera

Pizza in the outdoor pizza oven. Barbera seemed like a good choice. It is. Nice fruity wine w some acidity — 2 years ago

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