Wine Situation Final Five (Now With Drunk Dialing!)

The Wine Situation hosts everyone from winemakers to writers to find out what a person’s situation is…with wine. It’s the solo season with host Ellen Clifford, but listen in with a glass, and nobody is drinking alone! In lieu of guests, at the end of every action-packed episode Ellen is phoning a friend with her Final Five questions. This week Ellen talks to Lamar Woods, musician (with an album called “Wine Bars”!), and one of the writers and producers behind “Grand Crew”, the new wine-themed sitcom. Check out the full episode here THE FINAL FIVE (Ever so slightly edited for length!): QUESTION ONE Ellen: Question number one, whatcha drinking? What are you into these days? Lamar: I’m always into orange wine, but one of my favorite wines more recently is Grenache . Like the way it tastes, it’s fun to eat dinner with it and stuff like that. If I’m just chilling with the homies in the afternoon, it’s Prosecco or something like that. QUESTION TWO Ellen: Question number two is do you have a favorite pairing? Any kind of beverage, any kind of food. Lamar: I really like drinking Sauvignon Blanc with sushi. I also really love Pinot Noir with steak, but also, I’ve got a bunch of them, but my new new thing I discovered this weekend…I don’t know if this is an actual thing that’s supposed to be paired…I like drinking Champagne and eating cheesecake. QUESTION THREE Ellen: Next question is based on, as I understood talking to you earlier, you had a wine expert on set with you on “Grand Crew”. Could you share one or two of the cool tidbits about wine that you learned? Lamar: We didn’t talk about wine as much as how a sommelier would talk about a wine. Dialogue tweaks like that. We didn’t get too much into wine wine, it was more like making sure everyone was talking about it correctly. QUESTION FOUR Ellen: Next question is, if someone was like “Lamar, you can start your own wine label.” What would you want to make, and what would you name it? Lamar: I was really inspired by Raekwon Wu-Tang Clan. He has a Lambrusco and I like that he went with something so specific, and it wasn’t a rapper wine. I think something really specific; I’d stay in the orange wine world and name it after someone important in my life. Like my grandma’s nickname was Squeaky. I’ll order a glass of Squeaky please! I‘d want something fun. I’d want my wine to be something people would drink when they’re out having a good time, partying and stuff. I think that would be a vibe. Yeah, for sure. Alright let’s do it, we’ll go into production. QUESTION FIVE Ellen: Perfect, let me check my schedule. I think by the end of the week we’ll have this at wine bars everywhere…Last question is just what’s bringing you joy these days? Lamar: Exercising, honestly. I’ve been going on hikes, getting into nature a lot, trying to be more disciplined about being active every time I wake up. I’m not trying to become super cut or muscle-bound, I just like the way it starts out the day. When I do that I usually have a pretty good day. *** Follow Lamar on Instagram @prophmatic, and listen to “Wine Bars”. Check out the previous Wine Situation podcast with John Taylor here .

Di Giovanna

Bianco Terre Siciliane Camurria Orange 2020

Clean, crisp, good acidity and slight funkiness — 2 years ago

Kortavebis Marani

Kakhuri Mtsvane 2017

Gorgeous orange wine (like, it is ORANGE-orange) — 2 years ago

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Domaine du Gour de Chaulé

Cuvée Tradition Gigondas Grenache 2018

2018. Popped and poured because another wine was in my decanter. We really enjoyed the 2017 this summer at a wine dinner and thought it would be great with a little age, so we ordered a bottle. Didn’t realize we ended up with a 2018 until tonight. This bottle was brighter and fresher, everything I love about Grenache! Used a splash of this wine to revive a leftover dried cherry sauce from this weekend for rack of lamb chops tonight. Made the sauce even better! — 2 years ago

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King Valley Prosecco

A Prosecco sealed with a screw cap 😱

We bought this online directly from 6Ft6 in one of their gift packs 🍾

👀 golden shimmer
👃crisp, floral, sea salt, citrus
👅 refreshing, dry, citrus lime, Granny Smith apples 🍏 , a mousse to die for
— 2 years ago

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Domaine Pinelli

Grenache Blend 2020

light bodied and beautiful light red garnet color. savory but bright w red fruit and some herbs. drank with some phō, paired so nice w the mushroom broth and spices. — 2 years ago

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Sine Qua Non

Patine Eleven Confessions Vineyard Grenache 2011

2011 Grenache.15.6% ABV. Absolutely lovely now and went perfect with grilled salmon with truffled pasta on the side. Best towards the end of the bottle so a quick decant may help. Amazing wine! Thank you Manfred and Elaine! — 2 years ago

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David B

David B

Nice! The posting shows 2017 but I think you had 2011. We actually had the 2017 EC Grenache on Saturday. It was young, but also delicious.
Joseph Barsky

Joseph Barsky

@David B Thanks for catching that. Corrected.


Ambar Orange Moscatel 2020

Was afraid the 2020 would not live up to the 2019 which I adored...but this wine showed up like an old friend that you do not get to see nearly enough! Salt, mineral, floral, citrus, apricot and a hint of much to enjoy! — 2 years ago


Radice Lambrusco di Sorbara Rosé 2018

A stellar 100% Lambrusco sparkling rosé which begins with a full bouquet of strawberry, cherry,  watermelon, and orange blossom.  Naturally carbonated with a tight bubble structure, the palate keeps all the bright fruit and adds notes of yeast & creme fraiche into the mix which linger throughout the finish.  Impressively complex and continued to improve as the bottle warmed slightly. Also proved to be an excellent pairing with crispy lime ginger salmon! ($20) [1/27/22] — 2 years ago


Grand Cru Brut Blanc de Blancs Champagne

Amazing way to receive 2022. Quite tart taste and balanced.
We tried with lobster and fruit cheesecake… success!
— 2 years ago