Spring Date Ideas

Spring has sprung, and romance is in the air. From picnics to scenic strolls, we’ve gathered a list of spring date ideas that will make you forget all about the annoying allergies that come with spring. These dates are a refreshing way to say our goodbyes to winter and welcome this new season. Cheers! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PICNIC UNDER THE STARS The bubbles in your glass will match the sparkling stars in the sky on this romantic spring date. Bring a basket full of hors d'oeuvres, a comfortable blanket, and a bottle of dry Champagne . It will be as if your love was written in the stars. A ROMANTIC ROWBOAT RIDE Ariel and Prince Eric had the right idea: a romantic evening wading in a rowboat around a beautiful blue lagoon. While it ultimately ended in capsizing for them, your date will be successful if you keep the boat afloat and have a bottle of sweet Riesling to share. SPRING CABIN GETAWAY What better way to embrace the fresh season than by connecting with nature. Whisk your date away for a romantic weekend of relaxation in a beautiful woodland cabin. Pack movies, games, and a bottle of Red Bordeaux to round out this spring getaway. BOTANICAL GARDEN VISIT We can’t write a post about spring without a flower reference. Embrace the blooming flora by taking your date to a botanical garden! Literally stop and smell the roses. After getting in touch with your green thumb, you can enjoy a nice glass of fruity Chardonnay . SEE A DRIVE IN MOVIE Grab your popcorn, your favorite candy of choice, and a nice glass of Oregon Pinot Noir . From a heart stopping thriller to a cheesy romantic comedy, this wine will pair well with any movie genre. TAKE A WALK ON THE BEACH Walk hand in hand along the sandy beach. Maybe you’re walking into the sunset or you're busy collecting seashells. Whatever the case, grab a glass of Provence Rosé to sip on while listening to the sound of waves crashing against the shore. VISIT A VINEYARD Whether you travel to a new vineyard or stick to a local winery, nothing can beat a tasting overlooking a beautiful vineyard. A romantic date paired with your wines of choice!

Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin

La Grande Dame Brut Champagne Blend 2008

Popped and poured; no formal notes as it was enjoyed quickly due to the setting and our celebratory mood. What I do recall is that this is a very fine Champagne however, it comes across a touch rounder than most 2008's at this level. The acid is sneaky however and I suspect time will reward those with patience. — a year ago

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Domaine du Bagnol

Cassis Grenache Blend Rosé 2021

Beach wine — 2 years ago

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Podere Pradarolo

Vej Bianco Antico Malvasia di Candia 2020

delicious skin contact white! lot of fruity notes. perfect for a warm picnic evening. — 2 years ago

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Château La Mission Haut-Brion

Pessac-Léognan Red Bordeaux Blend 1982

1982 vintage. Wow. Where to begin? Decanted with the cork holding up extremely well (used a Durand). Throwing an absolute ton of sed so took about 4 minutes to decant properly. Plenty of color. Tasted 2 hrs, 3 hrs and 4 hrs after decant. Nose a little reticent the first foray but plenty of damp earth, elderberry showing up later. Then the graphite came in huge along with lesser, second-hand smoke/tobacco aromas. An addition of a remarkable freshness of both watercress and dill in the last few tastes. Light-medium body. Have tasted a few tired, big-boy '82's. This ain't one of them. This remarkable bottle did nothing to alter my opinion that I'd rather have a bottle of La Mission Haut Brion than any-including (just barely) Château Haut-Brion-first growth in the same vintage. Doesn't get much better and this one has plenty of time remaining. No rush to crush. Thank you, Dermott! 3.12.23 — a year ago

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Ron R

Ron R Influencer Badge Premium Badge

Nice notes, @vinokeeno. Nice to read that these wines are still going strong.

Clean Slate

Mosel Riesling 2021

Clean, sweet, slightly dry finish. — 2 years ago

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Bodegas y Viñedos Artazu

Santa Cruz de Artazu Navarra Garnacha 2003

Ok, I love Grenache. This wine was delicious even tho I drank it too warm on a sail boat in an Idaho desert reservoir. I was surprised. Great Grenache flavor , sweet tannins and long finish. My friends are beer drinkers so I hogged the wine. — 4 years ago

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Skip Smyser

Skip Smyser

Are you out of your self imposed exile?🍷😎🇺🇸

Domaine William Fèvre

Champs Royaux Chablis Chardonnay 2020

Pale lemon color.
Aromas of tropical fruit, floral, mineral.
Dry. Flavors of tropical fruit, kiwi, white flowers, mineral. Lovely!

Complexity: 2/5
Intensity: 4/5
Balance: 5/5
Finish: 4/5
— a year ago

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Spring Mountain Vineyard

Estate Bottled Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Paul K

Cabin weekend. Great friends, great weather and great wine. This is outstanding. — 2 years ago

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