Vinous Grape Guide: Nebbiolo

From child friendly grape juices to the wines that fill the glasses at the adults only table, grapes are vital components of our favorite beverages. If you are curious about the individual grapes that lead to our beloved bottles, then you should check out the Vinous Grape Guide . The Guide not only highlights the color and the weight of these popular grapes, but also gives a brief background on what the grape is and where it can be found. Today's star grape: Nebbiolo! Nebbiolo is the grape found in Barolo and Barbaresco. La Festa del Barolo is just around the corner. This Vinous event brings together growers, wine lovers from around world and dozens of top sommeliers for a weekend event that is the ultimate Barolo experience. Check out the details about this red grape below as well as tasting notes from the Delectable community! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Color: Red Weight: Medium to Full Name Origins: There are two potential origins for the name of this well-known grape. 1) Nebbiolo derives from the Italian word "nebbia" meaning fog. This is attributed to the grape's bloom that gives it the appearance of being foggy. 2) Nebbiolo comes from the Italian word "nobile" meaning noble. Where: Piedmont in Northern Italy, most notably Barolo, Barbaresco, Roero and Gattinara, as well as Valtellina in Lombardy. What: Extraordinary aromatic presence, finely sculpted fruit and firm beams of tannin are the backbone of Nebbiolo-based wines. Rose petal, tar, cherry, plum, licorice are some of the many signatures. The best wines are capable of extraordinary development in bottle. Pairings: Lamb, Goose, Potato, Baking Spices, Beans & Peas, Hard Cheese, Turkey, Beef, Pasta, Salami & Prosciutto, Tomato-Based, Soft Cheese, Chicken, Veal, White Rice, Herbs, Mushrooms, Pungent Cheese, Pork, Game, Exotic Spices, Chili & Hot Spicy, Duck, Onion, Shallot, Garlic


Barolo Nebbiolo 2010

2010 vintage. Tre Tine. Medium ruby hue. Nose is quite tight and reticent at first. After an hour of decanting, the beauty of this wine shines through. Perfumed, black fruits and spices with hints of wood shavings. Still very youthful without tertiary aromas. Vibrant. On the palate, very bright acidity creates an angular wine with some muscular definition. Medium minus body. Alcohol feels more 12.5% than the 14% on the bottle. Tannins are Fine and ripe. Concentration is deep but refined and not over powering - balanced. Finish is fairly long. Surprisingly light and elegant wine that nonetheless has a powerful underbelly. This wine has a very long journey ahead of it. Drink now until 2035+. — 2 years ago

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Comm. G.B. Burlotto

Langhe Nebbiolo 2016

Light and fruity but layered and Magical wine. Drank half one night then revisited the rest of the bottle one week later and was pleasantly surprised the wine was in perfect condition and opened up ! I would have dumped the bottle after all that time but somehow this wine is a survivor. 😍 — 2 years ago

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Giuseppe Rinaldi

Barolo Nebbiolo 2004

Antonio Galloni

One of many truly great wines I drank last night. I bought 12 mags of the 2004 on release. Have to put the rest far out of reach. What a totally stunning, gorgeous wine... 🍷😋😱 — 2 years ago

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Greg Wright

Greg Wright Premium Badge

Hide it in a deep dark place where you won’t be tempted!

G.D. Vajra

Bricco delle Viole Barolo Nebbiolo 2008

Sublime nose, I could smell it for hours. Beautiful mouthfeel, long finish. Delivered what was expected! Compared to last time a serious step forward! — a year ago

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Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello

Monprivato Cà d'Morissio Riserva Barolo Nebbiolo 1997

Recovering from a horrendous cold that I’m pretty sure I got from walking the streets of Paris last week, I decided to venture out for a “treat yourself” Monday night dinner back in Chicago.

You know that song lyric that goes, “whatever Lola wants, Lola gets”? Well, not in my case. I did want a French wine solely based on nostalgia, but settled on an Italian in a French restaurant.

With one nostril passage opened, I was able to get a very overpowering bouquet of tar (which by the way has been on my bucket list of aromatics to smell- so happy I can cross that off), earth floor, mushrooms, cedar and a bit of menthol.

Tannins are very much soft and nonexistent in this bottle- full bodied with high acidity. Medium garnet color, which was surprising based on the age. I didn’t find this as complex as some Barolos I’ve had in the past, but still found it very enjoyable. On the palate, a very surprising sweet ripeness of red plum that doesn’t linger long on the tongue. Overall- not bad for a Monday.
— a year ago

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Marchesi di Barolo

Barolo Nebbiolo 2010

Drinking nicely but will be even better in 5-10 more years. Enjoyed with crab au gratin (rich enough to stand up next to this) and steak. — a year ago

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Giuseppe Rinaldi

Brunate - Le Coste Barolo Nebbiolo 2004

Fantastic! Melted road tar, rose petals... absolutely knock out aromatics...gun smoke, Flint, pipe tabacco and powdered stone. This is a gorgeous bottle of Rinaldi!

Although young, this is soooo sexy right!!
— 2 years ago

Libia MontoyaPaula FeMo
with Libia and Paula
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Renato Corino

Arborina Barolo Nebbiolo 2013

Big wine with a decidedly masculine energy. Heavy duty minerality, licorice, creosote, resinous herb character and tons of dried rose petal. Tannins are more pronounced with air. This beast needs another 5 years in bottle. Going to be a badass. — a year ago

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La Ca' Nova

Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2011

Pleasantly surprised. Very nice structure, very light in color, gorgeous nose. Nothing overpowering yet the essence of this wine blossoms and please sthe senses. — a year ago

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Produttori del Barbaresco

Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2015

For the money, this is my favourite Barbaresco as it always delivers @ a great price and the latest 2015 doesn’t disappoint either at £30 😉 Drink well young as these do but will get better 👍 A vintage not to miss!

📍 Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco 2015

🍇 Nebbiolo

🏵 92 points

🍷 Clear ruby cherry

👃 Earthy spiced red cherry, red flower potpourri, wood/tobacco smoke & leather w/ red berry fruits, herbs, blackberry, date & a hint of tar expressed in a Zalto Burgundy glass

👄 Med body of smooth red cherry & berry fruits w/ a touch of earthy blackberry

🎯 Long earthy red fruit explosion w/ a blackberry twist w/ very light subtle fine dry tannin then a hint of black olive oil 😁

— a year ago

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Frank Colonna

Frank Colonna

Outstanding value, love this producer.