Alma May Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

Wine No. 8 in the field of 8 Cabernets from the 2009 vintage tasted blind and it proved to be the consensus Winner by a narrow margin over the Les Forts. I loved this and the Palmer 8 years ago at the Cape Mentelle tasting and they remain stunning wines. A wonderful perfume of red flowers, plums, and earth. Medium to Full Bodied with great length. Two of the tasters, long time wine professional, Ken Gargett and Dr Mark Welsh ( head of the Chevaliers in Australia) each gave this wine 98 points. This was Margaret River at its best. Bravo Woodlands and the Watson Family!! — a month ago

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Clive McNish

Clive McNish

Nice selection of wines, looks like it was a great I’d evening
Bob McDonald

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I still have to post some random wines brought by the guests - some of which were stellar. Me being the host provided the 8 Cabernets tasted blind.


Clementine Wilyabrup Valley 2016

Cabernet Sauvignon 55%
Malbec 16%
Merlot 15%
Petit Verdot 14%
— 7 months ago

Doolhof Estate

Dark Lady of the Labyrinth Dark Delight Pinotage

J’s b-day lunch @ Peli Peli. The Woodlands TX 🇺🇸 — 20 days ago

Gralyn Estate

Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

Leafy, tomato bush aromas - herbal- classic Cabernet descriptors from Margaret River. A sweetish blackberry note on the palate but essentially savoury with a tarry earthy note. With time in Decanter this wine improved even more - a really good medium weight Marg River Cab. Gralyn is in Wilyabrup and has illustrious neighbours like Vasse Felix, Cullen, Woodlands, Moss Wood and Pierro without their reputation as yet. They recently made this a “Museum Release “ charging $500 which is over the top. I’m glad I paid $80 at the cellar door about 10 years ago. Used to be served in Qantas Business Class back in the day when Qantas was flying internationally ✈️✈️🛫🛫 — 2 months ago

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Margaret River Chardonnay 2015

Balance. Length. Nerve. This wine is the whole package. — 6 months ago

Testalonga (Antonio Perrino)

Rossese di Dolceacqua 2016

Fabulous vintage from this amazing small producer. The juice shows bright and lively in the glass. The nose relveals a very rich and sophisticated range of aromas, going from the fruit of the ripe red cherries to more herbal balsamic scents like rosemary, sage, thyme, laurel, marjolaine and to more mineral aromas. The energy runs in the mouth as well, taking you deeply into the essence of the Ligurian spirit: stone, seasalt, mediterannean woodlands, wind, sun, rain, seaspray. Nothing is yelled but a lot is told. A true watercolor of the terroir. — 6 months ago

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Domaine Coudoulis

Cuvée Bacchus Lirac Grenache Blend 2016

Homemade pizza night 🍕. The Woodlands TX 🇺🇸 — a month ago



Homemade pizza night 🍕. The Woodlands TX 🇺🇸


Margaret Woodlands Vineyard Red Blend 2010

I bought a dozen about 7 or 8 years ago so there are several previous notes on Delectable. Always consistent to previous notes. Herbal, black currant - a well made Cabernet blend particularly for Woodlands 2nd ranked Cuvée. Holding up well - I still have 6 left. — 4 months ago

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Emily Merlot Blend 2010

To clarify the Delectable description this is actually Cabernet Franc dominant. This is Woodlands take on a Right Bank blend being 47% Cabernet Franc, 39% Merlot; 11% Malbec; 2% Cabernet Sauvignon and 1% Petit Verdot. Aromas of Black Currant, vanilla Oak, some violet, Capsicum Mulberry and steeped black Tea. Medium bodied - black currant and medium minus black tea tannins. Medium intensity. An honest effort and reasonable QPR at about $40. Drink last one later this year. — 6 months ago

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