Weingut Schneider

K.H. Schneider

Königsfels Riesling 2021

Lyle Fass

So good. Nose of intense minerals. Apricot dust. Ripe tangelo. So aromatic. Lurid. Palate has a massive core of minerals, apricot fruit, great complexity, poise and balance. Long apricot mineral infused finish. So pure but also needs some hours to open up. — 5 days ago

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K.H. Schneider

Marbach Beerenauslese Riesling 2018

Lyle Fass

God tier. Wow. Citrus jelly, grapefruit, wood shavings, tangerine, pineapple and guava. So complex and deep. Vanilla extract. Palate is ripe and rich with staggering purity and depth and icing on a cake texture. — 5 months ago

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K.H. Schneider

Felsenberg Riesling Auslese 2018

@delectable felsenberg auslese kh schneider


Nose is elegant tropical flowers. WOW. A hint of finely crushed minerals.

Palate is peach and apricot nectar. So clean. So perfect. Mountain stream. Perfect acidic balance.

Fass selections

— 8 months ago

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K.H. Schneider

Marbach Spätlese Riesling 2016

Nose: elite peach flower. Exquisite.

Palate: why but lovely. Mountain stream infused with peaches. Elegnat.

Fass selections.
— a month ago

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Weingut Jakob Schneider

Magnus Niederhäuser Hermannshöhle Trocken Riesling 2021

Big boy MAGNUS big like a freakin' baseball bat. Big like 13% ABV and 1,000 volts of electricity in silvery gray green shades. Hovers indecisively for a second, then settles into intense sour citrus.

Delicate soft aromas of grapefruit, lime leaf and sage become crazy intense with tip of tongue acid, thick edges that suck your cheeks in tight.
— 5 months ago

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K.H. Schneider

Marbach Riesling 2019

Main stage has textured lightning lemon, little hints of sweet and cream on the periphery. Amber honey and rubber ball. Then citrus lanolin, candied lemon drops.

Lots of sour, little sweet, wholly complete.
— 10 months ago

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Markus Schneider

Kaitui Sauvignon Blanc Fumé

Оказывается у меня его было 2 бутылки. Вторую выпил с Ирой на отъезд из Дубая на Рождество 25.12.21. Полностью повторяю свою предыдущую оценку - мощный, шикарный, уже янтарного цвета совиньон блан из Пфальца( Германия) 2017 года. Великолепное вино! И где бы ещё его купить? — 2 years ago

K.H. Schneider

Domberg Riesling 2021

Lyle Fass

The best wine in the Schneider lineup in 2021. Unreal nose of minerals, cotton candy, wet earth and pungent crushed rocks. Apricot and peach. Red apple skins, gobstopper and some funk. Love the diversity of aroma here. Palate is juicy, pure and opulent and such killer acids. All minerals on the palate and a fun dip white stick texture and flavor. Concentrated and intense with great structure. Such a juicy wine and with a lingering finish. — 3 months ago

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K.H. Schneider

Sobernheim Roter Tonschiefer Riesling 2016

Lyle Fass

In the zone. This is drinking so well. Nose is divine. Elegant liquid minerals, white cherries and also rainer cherries and a dollop of apricot. Palate is juicy and mineral with almost no fruit and a slathering of minerals that just assault your palate. Just a wonderful wine. Nose develops a hint of orange zest now with air. Not elegant and not that long but what it lacks in charm and length it makes up for in intensity and flavor authority. — 8 months ago

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Weingut Jakob Schneider

Niederhäuser Kertz Riesling 2015

Weaponized overwhelming acid. — 2 years ago

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