Washington Syrah

Rôtie Cellars

Northern Blend Syrah Viognier 2013

Aromas of sweet fruit and earthy notes lifted by the floral Viognier. This needed thirty minutes to blossom. Dusty tannins carry ripe plum, cherry, blueberry fruits. The Rocks Syrah gives a pleasant weightiness, but I do wish it had some of that Rocks funk. — 5 days ago

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Baby Bear Syrah 2015

Celebrating my wife’s 31st birthday with some of her favorite things: friends, pizza, and wine.

WOTN for me. Once the funk blew off real nice structure and complexity.
— 6 days ago

Becca JohnsonTaryne ElaKrystal Vento
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Cayuse Vineyards

Bionic Frog Walla Walla Valley Syrah

So much funk, so much mineral. Not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Still a nicely balanced wine from the rocks district. — 14 days ago

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Shay A

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Agreed. Not for most people, but I’ll gladly take it off peoples hands! Love it.
Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

Bring the funk! Love this juice

Long Shadows Wineries

Sequel Columbia Valley Syrah 2014

Fabulous, opened at the right the right time at the end of our 5 year anniversary. And watched the movie “Sideways” to which she had never seen. — 4 days ago

Sara Davenport
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Delmas Wines

Walla Walla Valley Syrah 2017

Outstanding Rocks Syrah. Total baby but all the stuff is here. Funky, earthy, with great fruit and structure. Somebody recommended this on Delectable but I can’t remember who it was. Amazing stuff and thanks whoever you are. — 3 days ago

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Eric Shanks

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I sort of remember @David T making the recommendation too but I couldn’t find it in his history so I wasn’t sure. If it was David, solid recommendation dude. @Shay A I got it from their email list but have 6 bottles and happy to share. Hit me with an email shankserc@gmail.com and I will send you a bottle or 2.
David T

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About two years ago, I spent two hours in their SJR Vineyard with one of the more brilliant winery owners I’d met and met a lot of them worldwide, his name is Steve Robertson. He worked 1-2 years with local producers to create that AVA. These producers didn’t want to do it. However, one cup of coffee at time with them, they all signed on. It is an extremely long and complicated process to create an AVA and he did it. So, great respect for him. He is a brilliant person with incredible wine knowledge. His daughter was the Vineyard Manager at Harlan before rejoining the family business. She devised a new caning system for the region that nearly every employees or plans on doing so. I finally got on their list for the 17 vintage but, had some concerns with the fires in the area and decided to pass. I have acquired some of their wines on the secondary market but, still waiting on them. Big respect for this family and their commitment to doing everything at a high level.
Eric Shanks

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I remember now @David T ! Dig the wine.

Cayuse Vineyards

Cailloux Vineyard Syrah 2010

Really enjoyed this. Drank first night and used a vacuum seal to keep for the second. Very elegant relative to the other Cayuse. I get green olive, dark fruit, bramble, smoke, flowers, meat. I love how complex these wines can be and how fun they are to taste. — 6 days ago

Gramercy Cellars

Lagniappe Columbia Valley Syrah 2012

I really want to like this wine...it’s just flat. Watery and lacks anything that gives verve and edge. Not sure this has much life left. — 4 days ago

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Sadly I agree
Shawn R

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Reynvaan Family Vineyards

Foothills Reserve Syrah 2015

W&S Top 100. I’ve had one or two of these over the years, courtesy of Mr Freund, and they are Walla Walla champions. — 5 days ago

Mark Freund
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Shay A

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Love these Syrahs from them.

Cayuse Vineyards

En Cerise Vineyard Syrah 2007

High fidelity in all regards, this is vibrant in four lacy dimensions. For Syrah, it’s currently showing the side of sweet spices, smoked meats, olives, violets and mere hints of herbs. Little in the way of blood, earth, horse, or reductive qualities. — 19 days ago

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W.T. Vintners

Les Collines Vineyard Syrah 2014

Fantastic vintage of this wine. Drinking really well right now. One of my favorite Syrahs. — 13 days ago

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