Wachau, Niederösterreich

Weingut Knoll

Loibner Vinothekfüllung Smaragd Riesling 2009

Always a champion!!!
Not even at peak yet
Plenty of minerality
— a day ago

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Rainer Wess

Wachau Grüner Veltliner 2015

I forgot to snap a photo so I’m using stock. This is a different Gruner. It’s not crisp and steely, but instead warm and viscous. Plenty of spice, but not white pepper - mostly coriander and clove and baking spices. It has qualities that aren’t so dissimilar from a Belgian Ale. Low acid lets a medley of bruised apples, pear, and ripe lychee sing away. — 11 days ago

Weingut Knoll

Loibner Federspiel Grüner Veltliner

Herbaceous with lime zest and lanolin. Appreciated the texture and salinity. — 3 days ago

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Grüner Veltliner Federspiel l "frauenweingärten"

Lemon, green apple, green pear, green plum, kumquat, green pineapple, meringue, limestone/chalk. — 10 days ago

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Martin Muthenthaler

Daneben Wachau Grüner Veltliner Blend

Пыльца, лёгкий лак, курага, картофель, кожура яблока, маракуйа. Сладко и солено.
Строго и стройно
— 17 days ago

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Weingut Jäger

Rosé Zweiglet

Lovely. Much more character than most Rose that I drink. Notes of grapefruit (along with the bitterness). More than a thirst quencher and delicious. — 22 days ago

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Weingut Knoll

Loibner Riesling 2017

Jeremy Shanker

Wish I could order this by the gallon — 15 days ago

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Ryan Vento

Ryan Vento Premium Badge

I second that.


Durnsteiner Kaiserberg Riesling 2001

Was deliciously aged, polished and utterly pleasant. It had lost some of its fruits intensity for the benefit of secondary Riesling aromas. Happy to have kept it for all these years. These wines can age well. — 3 days ago

Mathias Hirztbeger

Weinhofmeisterei Federspiel Grüner Veltliner 2016

Jeremy Shanker

Lighter and racier than Franz’ wines. Exciting up and comer — 14 days ago

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Domäne Wachau

Kellerberg Smaragd Grüner Veltliner 2018

Fresh awesome Gruner. Slight green and fruit as opposed to pepper notes. Quite elegant. — 6 days ago

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