Vouvray, Touraine


Le Portail Vouvray Chenin Blanc

Vintage 2017 / citrus flowers very vibrant with beautiful minerals in taste / great Chenin Blanc — 10 days ago

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Domaine Pichot

Domaine Le Peu de la Moriette Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2017

Demi-Sec. Juicy fruit. — 18 days ago

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Domaine Huet

Le Mont Moelleux Première Trie Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2017

Darkest chenin I’ve seen, honey, apple and pear pie, unfortunately I’m not a desert wine lover, tasty though — 19 days ago

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Domaine Huet

Le Haut-Lieu Demi-Sec Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2017

A beautiful study in balance. Indulgent tropical fruits and sharp, clarifying acid. — 14 days ago

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Barton & Guestier

Les Petites Parcelles Vouvray Chenin Blanc

Sweet. Getting apple and pineapple? Clean and light. — 9 days ago

Domaine Huet

Le Mont Demi-Sec Vouvray Chenin Blanc

A lil sweet for me. Cant figure this wine out at all. — 19 days ago

Gregory Fulchiero
with Gregory
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François Chidaine

Les Argiles Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2017

Au nez, fleurs blanches, pomme, poire, citron. Frais et minéral en bouche. — 10 days ago

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Domaine du Petit Coteau

Les Tuffières Vouvray Chenin Blanc

Ridiculously good. From Caitlin as housewarming gift — 2 months ago


Vouvray Sec Chenin Blanc 2018

Nice vouvray. One of the better in this category and price range. — 15 days ago

Domaine Huet

Clos du Bourg Première Trie Moelleux Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2018

Fun. Thought we were ordering
demi-sec, but this was awesome. Baked apple, honey, wet wool, super floral and just past off dry. Really cool wine.
— a month ago

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