Vouvray, Touraine

Domaine Huet

Réserve Brut Vouvray Pétillant Chenin Blanc 2009

I’ll admit it. I had no idea Huet made a sparkler. They do and it’s really good. All chenin blanc (obviously) and at 10 years old it’s starting to drink well but could definitely go longer. Bone dry, chalky and with pear and lychee notes abounding. A nice change up in sparklers. — 4 days ago

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Famille Bougrier (Domaines Bougrier)

V Douce France Alfio Moriconi Selection Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2015

First tasted several months ago and enjoyed. Bought for 2019 Thanksgiving as the white wine. Moderately dry with floral but not sweet taste that complimented the turkey well. Still believe it’s a great Chenin blanc to have in your cooler. — 7 days ago

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Michel Armand

Vouvray Chenin Blanc


Apple and crunch, slightly sweet — 2 days ago

Domaine Huet

Le Haut Lieu Vouvray Le Mont Sec 2017

Le Mont is easily my favorite Chenin vineyard anywhere and 2017 I thought was particularly awesome so I bought it twice. It’s so expressive and so honest, unshowy. On second visit this wine is again a medley of zippy baked citrus, mango, ginger, passion fruit, and baking spice. Underneath it’s rich, but acidic enough to float. — a month ago

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Ely Cohn

Ely Cohn

@Jay Kline in the end Huet always wins

Domaine Huet

Cuvée Constance Vouvray Chenin Blanc 1989

Very pretty stuff. That tangy orange aged chenin thing. Slight sweetness with a lovely fresh acidity. Lovely. — 6 days ago

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Barton & Guestier

Les Petites Parcelles Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2017

Floral underneath white fruits. Bright, clean with a little minerality. Medium finish with mostly fruity notes lingering. Off dry. Very good. — an hour ago


Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2018

I’m usually not much for chenin Blancs but this one is very good. Apples and some floral on nose. Well balanced acidity and sugars. — 12 days ago

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Domaine Huet

Le Mont Sec Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!! Didn’t drink very much of this, but what I did have was very unique and tasty. Extremely rich and not much in the way of acidity. Really coats the palate with butter and cream. — 16 days ago

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François Pinon

Silex Noir Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2017

Bracing, chiseled, mouthwatering. Well-integrated mineral qualities, with plenty of richness to keep it from being lean/mean. — 2 days ago

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Noël Bougrier

V Vouvray Chenin Blanc

Yes. Very good chenin blank from Loire. Perfect balance of dry/sweet. — 7 days ago

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