Vermont, Usa

The Alchemist Brewery (Vermont Ale)

Heady Topper Ale

Heady and porch scrabble in VT go well together for the first few... the game gets trickier after that. 🙄 — 10 days ago

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@Evan Bienstock Cheers 🍻

Good Measure Brewing Co.

Full Circle Vol. 3

Good Measure Full Circle Volume 3, Meyer lemon & white peppercorn, 14 month Chardonnay barrel aged. 5.3%abv, 3.4 PH. Pretty damn good! — 8 days ago

The Alchemist

Focal Banger American IPA

Ahhhh to be back in VT. — 11 days ago

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@Evan Bienstock Cheers 🍻

Woodchuck Cidery

Bubbly Pearsecco

Surprisingly dry for a cider - but the pear adds a nice and subtle fruitiness that isn’t overwhelming. A good choice for anyone who isn’t into sweet ciders/pear ciders. Would pair well with all sorts of food! I’ll be sipping on this many times come summer, I’m sure. — 21 days ago

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Bill Bender

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Great tradition (and movie) @Severn Goodwin !!
Julia Geisler

Julia Geisler

@Bill Bender I think I may have but in my mind they’re somehow still two different animals!
Bill Bender

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I agree @Julia Geisler in my mind a woodchuck is fatter and furrier hahaha....

La Garagista

Lupo in Bocca Rosé Blend

The weirdest wine I’ve had, but really interesting, delicious and well made. — 6 days ago

Caledonia Spirits

Barr Hill Gin

Honey Gin from Father IL — 17 days ago

Fable Farm & Fermentory

Fluxion III Dry Sparkling Apple Wine

Oakey and crisp, definitely adjacent to a dry cider but barely sweet at all and a lot lighter on the tongue. Nice for just a glass or two, so make sure to share with a lot of friends. — 6 days ago

Woodchuck Cidery

Bubbly Rosé Blush

Tart and fruity, really great summer sipping. The blush is definitely for the ‘gram but I appreciate it nonetheless. Made with a blend of red apples. — 21 days ago

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Jungle Fever Sparkling Wine 2018

Fabulous and exciting. — 16 days ago