Terra Alta

Celler Frisach

La Foradada Terra Alta Vernatxa Blanca

Very elegant , pretty skin contact wine from Spain. Not a funky taste that skin contact normally has, it’s more floral notes and deep. Very very easy but Sophisticated. — 12 days ago

Taplin Cellars

Terra 9 Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

To me this did not taste like it came from the Napa Valley. this is a very fruit forward wine, and I think the youthfulness of this sort of crushes some of the delicacies that might come out in the mid palate after a few years. Red and black fruit dominated wine. Really just kind of has one focus, but does that one thing extremely well. This was not decanted really much at all, as the focus was for the person who opened it to recork and enjoy later that night. I bet it was doing much better then. The back end has a lot of roasted cedar type tannin, which I think will soften and make this one shine quite a bit more in the years to come. If you have this bottle, I would certainly hold it. — 21 hours ago

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Joshua Fisher

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Explain more what you said about Napa Valley / fruit forward please?
Mark Flesher

Mark Flesher

@Joshua Fisher the forward nature of the fruit was extreme, almost a little bit roasted and even seemed a little bit generic. I was expecting to see Paso Robles when I grabbed the bottle, as it was turned at an angle that I could not see what it was.

Antica Terra

Antikythera Pinot Noir 2015

Wow. This is whole cluster fermentation at its finest. Crazy wine. Deep crimson pour, really really young. Grape stem shows up on the nose along with an herbal influenced, sweet black cherry and cola that also transitioned to the open and middle. Herbal. This wine is substantial. Medium to full bodied pinot, and will go for ages. Raspberry and black cherry to the finish. I'm really impressed by this pinot, but I wonder if the QPR isn't a bit high for what this is. — 21 hours ago

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@Mark Flesher Mark Good post Cheers 🍷
Shay A

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Wish I had been there for this!
Pinotman /// Andreas

Pinotman /// Andreas

Oops expensive but the review sounds terrific

Domini de la Cartoixa

Secrets de mar Garnatxa Mediterrania

Vibrant Ruby red color, hints of leather, smoky with heavy tannins. Very nice bottle of wine.
Winestyles Club, March 2019
— 16 days ago

Vega del Origon

Gran Reserva Red Blend 2011

Very good ... Buy more at TJs — 23 days ago

R. López de Heredia

Viña Tondonia Gran Reserva Rioja Rosé 2008

The mythical unicorn #rosewine from @lopezdeherediaoficial: Vina Tondonia Gran Reserva Rosado 2008.

A friendly wine retailer I am close with sold me a few bottles at regular price thankfully as I gave him the heads up it was coming.  (He also sold his others at regular price!) This wine used to be easily available during its last release, the 2000 vintage back around 2005, not to mention super reasonable in price.  An unfortunate victim of fashion, the secondary market pricing on this starts around $200 and goes up to $300.

Pale copper and deep pink in color, the hue here is as it looks here turning more orange at the rim.  The nose showed as it should for an extended barrel aged wine, showing clear notes the toll oxidation has taken with time in wood.  Though, the wood aromas are well-integrated and intermingle well with dried red fruits, ginger and spice, and a clear sense of minerality which is all laid well into the thick and pungent nose.  The palate shows more precision and tension in the densely textured and flavored med/med+ body of the wine.  Finishes long and fans out wide over the palate.  For sure about as unique a rose as there is out there.  
— 11 days ago

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Vinyes Velles Seleccio Terra Alta Grenache Blend 2014

Nice wine. Deep fruit, earthy funky secondary flavours, strong tannins with years ahead of them and a nice finish. — 14 days ago

Jordi Miro

Ennak Crianza Syrah Blend 2016

2016. At Bar Marco. Paired with Hanger Steak! — 8 days ago

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R. López de Heredia

Viña Cubillo Crianza Rioja Tempranillo Blend 2005

Nose has spicy cherry, tanned leather, juiced raspberry-blackberry, cigar box, cocoa nibs, exceptional.

Palate has blackberry reduction, ripe cherry mash, moist leather, cedar shavings, light mocha, nice acidity and dissipating tannins are gentle, long finish.

We've been enjoying these Heredia crianzas for many years, but they do need time to settle in and we're still drinking these too young, but damn they are guilty pleasures.

Decanted 2+hrs, drink now or enjoy over the next 4-6 years without concern.

$22, yes I know that reads like a crazy price, because it is, only patience is required!
— 7 days ago

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Vasanth Balakrishnan

Vasanth Balakrishnan

I love those value-packed #rioja wines that reward patience

Antica Terra

Angelicall Pinot Noir Rosé 2013

After drinking the 2014 last weekend (thanks Shay) I had to break open my 2013. This is so good. I don’t know if I have had a better Rose. Very Pinot like. Loved it! — 21 hours ago

Shay A
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Matt Trader

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I think we are doing a similar thing ha.
Shay A

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@Bryan Kesting : That’s a heck of a tasting! Geez. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! I haven’t been able to find any Angelicall locally or online.

@Matt Trader : Let me know if there is a tasting she is doing!
Bryan Kesting

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@Shay A: Shay, take the Amtrack to Dallas. It just opened from Fort Worth to Dallas for $5 round trip. This is what I hear, anyway from TCU parents.