Sierra Batuco

Donkey and Goat

Stone Crusher El Dorado Roussanne 2016

Wow, this is an orange that needs some air, but when its’ aggressive tannins calm down - watch out. After an hour of air and a bit warmer temp, beautiful notes of lily, orange blossom, and stones waft from the glass. The palate is rich, moreso than most oranges I’ve had to this point. As previously mentioned, loads of tannin and a seductively powerful mouthfeel. This is pure joy for the red wine drinker wanting something a tad more refreshing in summer. Surprisingly, this wine paired beautifully with toast with peanut butter and honey (yes, you read that correctly, and yes, I tried it, and yes, it worked.) — 12 days ago

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Shay A

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Nice pairing! And unique wine. Haven’t had their stuff, but heard about it.
Kyle Groombridge

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Definitely, @Shay A ... you know where you can find it?? ;) haha

Prospect 772

The Brawler Calaveras County Syrah Viognier 2015

Easily one of my favorite wineries. Friday night has wine, a band, and a hot grill. — 8 days ago

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Phil A

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@Jason Oliver Life is good Cheers 🍷
Daniel Martinez Cardenas

Daniel Martinez Cardenas

@Jason Oliver And hot dates 😉👍🏻

Edmunds St. John

Heart of Gold El Dorado County Vermentino Grenache Blanc 2015

This wine was fantastic. California Vermentino and Grenache Blanc blend that delivers complex acid, fruit, and minerality. Enjoyed this on a hot night in Portland at Ned Ludd- amazing meal and pairing. — 17 days ago

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Donkey and Goat

Meandering El Dorado Roussanne Marsanne

Marc Stubblefield

What a great surprise - honeyed and waxy and viscous but cut with balancing acidity and great texture. This goes toe to toe with the great Rhone whites. Overdelivers, and the only down side is the 500ml bottle. Last ounce on day two was even more precise and crystalline. Wow. — 7 days ago

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James Forsyth

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Intriguing. Will look out for this.

La Clarine Farm

"rosé alors!" Counoise Rosé Blend 2016

NatDiego - 2018. Seeing more Cali Counoise these days, particularly in Rosé, and that is s good thing. — 21 days ago

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RPM Wines

El Dorado Gamay Noir 2014

Nice, but didn’t seem as fresh as the last bottle about 8 months ago. Medium weight, savory Raspberry note. — 11 days ago

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Borjón Winery

Reposado Zinfandel

First rate Amador Zinfandel!! Well structured with layers of black fruits and a touch of oak. Medium body and very aromatic- not over ripe with a ABV of 14.3%. This producer makes some of the finest varietals also with their Los Portales label. Well priced and damn good. — 6 days ago

Ray Conti
with Ray
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La Clarine Farm

Home Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2012

Beautiful red. Blue fruits and some tannins. Nice in and with our Cherry tomato and Red wine jam. — 3 days ago

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Donkey and Goat

Twinkle El Dorado Mourvèdre 2017

Marc Stubblefield

Fresh, juicy tart dark berry and peach. On this night, missing that next gear of depth and/or complexity. Tasty, but not compelling. — 7 days ago

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Tom Casagrande

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11.4%? Maybe picked a tad too early? I like low alcohol too but ya gotta let the grapes get phenologically ripe.
Marc Stubblefield

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@Tom Casagrande - Dunno. I've had this before when there's been more there, there.

La Clarine Farm

Sierra Foothills Albariño 2016

NatDiego - 2018. Cloudy with a chance of Albariño. Very good. — 21 days ago

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