Savennières, Anjou Saumur

Damien Laureau

Le Genêts Savennières Chenin Blanc 2014

Beautifully elegant, soft and rich, delicate notes of stone and white flowers. — 9 days ago

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Holly Denis

Holly Denis

An incredible gem. Little known. Smooth. Exquisite.

Domaine Mme Laroche

Domaine aux Moines - Roche aux Moines Savennières Chenin Blanc 2016

Bone dry Chenin, honeysuckle, pear, flowers, and a hint of that wet wool. Terrific acid and long finish. — 16 days ago

Domaine des Roches Neuves (Thierry Germain)

Les Mémoires Saumur-Champigny Cabernet Franc 2017

Lyle Fass

Dark, brooding, mysterious, beautiful nose. Dark mashed flowers, dark berries, gorgeous minerality, smells limestoney, amazing details and precision to this nose. Just gorgeous and so deep. Rich, ripe and wow levels of purity with an engaging limestone sweetness accented with deep pure sweet berries. So well made and refined. But so deep and so much more to say. This is so greet. Structure and so classic. Such a long finish. Dynamite. — 23 days ago

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Thierry Germain & Michel Chevré

Les Pentes Saumur Chenin Blanc 2015

Lyle Fass

Super sick serious Chenin. Nose of beeswax, almonds, superb minerality, hint of honey, so deep, concentrated and super deep with intense acidity and explosiveness. So pure and fresh. Clean. Lanolin. Superb texture. Juicy and so so clean. Long and lingering. Superb structure and length. Lingers forever. Salty finish. Huge wine. Massively structured and also a hint of lime. Sick. — 15 hours ago

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Eric Morgat

Fidès Savennières Chenin Blanc 2012

Straw and canned peaches on the nose and palate. — 2 days ago

Domaine Guiberteau

Clos de Guichaux Monopole Bizay Saumur Chenin Blanc 2015

Alex Lallos

Always serious. So utterly drinkable. Beautifully mineral driven but still boasts some chenin richness. This is grand cru type stuff! — 18 days ago

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Château Yvonne

Saumur Champigny Cabernet Franc 2012

If there is a better Cab Franc from Saumur at this price point, it would be found in a fairy tale story read to young budding wine geeks. It just doesn’t exist, so buy this one. — 9 days ago

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Thibaud Boudignon

Les Fougerais Savennières Chenin Blanc 2016

Andrew Holod

Fresh and green. With air shows green strawberry. Balance! — 4 days ago

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Anne Claude Leflaive

Clau De Nell Cuvée Violette Anjou Cabernet Franc Blend 2014

Thanksgiving 3: No notes, may have enjoyed the most. Anjou, Cab Franc, yeah. — 10 days ago

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Domaine des Baumard

Savennières Chenin Blanc

Super dry, super acid. Honey, melon, straw. — 16 days ago