Red Blend


Cerro Sur Napa Valley Red Blend 2008

Shay A

This was fun to watch evolve. After about an hour, it really started blossoming. Surprisingly sweet and cold fruit on the, blue and black fruit spectrum. Touch of olive tapenade at first, spiced peppers showing cab franc but the Cabernet Sauvignon powers through before turning too herbal. Very plush on the palate...almost an American oak like palate with some coconut. Cherry liqueur, mixed berry pie and nutmeg. Light and nimble toward the finish. Complex. Really good right now. Thanks @Keith Fisher — 2 days ago

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Interlude Red Blend 2014

It’s got the sooty, fire pit minerality that announces Walla Walla, along with sweet dark cherry and blackberry fruit and some sweet baking spice. Mouthfilling and rich, with ripe dark berry fruit augmented by savory notes. Loads of tacky tannin but fairly low acids indicate that this is probably for drinking over the next few years. — 8 days ago

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Karen Tripson

Karen Tripson

I’m down to my last bottle of a case I bought several years ago from garagiste and feel bereft already.


Columbia Valley Red Blend 2014

32/31/23/9/5 blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec, Petit Verdot. Fruity, good tannins. Last wine from Thanksgiving dinner, it’s good but don’t judge me on my superficial analysis. Live in the moment... — 7 days ago

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Revival Vineyards

Field Guide Napa Valley Red Blend 2013

1/3 CS, 1/3 CF, 1/3 PV. Nice wine. Seems to be a tiny bit overextracted with a little bit of heat at first. Never had the classic blackberry cab thing going on though. Always a little more raucous, sharper edges, tobacco, chocolate, figs. But a lot of very youthful fruit hit you right across the face at the start, wondering if this one would probably have benefited from another couple of years of bottle aging. Finishes with no major oaked astringency but probably a little bit out of balance overall. in my opinion, definitely not worth a sub 90 rating, but really not worthy of much more than 90. I think this wine was made to be consumed now to within the next year. — 7 days ago

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Bodegas Luis Pérez

El triangulo Balbaina Red Blend 2017

This is actually not a blend. This is 100% Tintilla de Rota; an indigenous red variety to Cadiz. As a retired Naval Officer, I’m quite familiar with this area and more familiar with its sherry! This was a real surprise to me. The wine is 13.5% abv and well balanced. I really want to drink this with a steak! Replace that Cab or Malbec and try this! Cherry, blackberry, and pepper nose and flavors. This is a very well made wine by this Director of oenology at Univ of Cadíz. — 13 days ago

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Involuntary Commitment

Columbia Valley Red Blend 2017

Ripe plums, both dark & red across the nose & palate. More about fruit than oak or spice. Mild tannins, but plenty of bright acidic structure. Declassified Andrew Will juice. — 2 days ago

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David Shaw

David Shaw Influencer Badge

Is this a reference to the notorious (alleged) smoke taint grapes snubbed by a wine producer that shall go nameless, by chance?
Anthony Lombardi

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@David Shaw - I don’t think so, the original bottling of this in 2016 came about due to a major surplus in fruit from their vineyard sources, so I believe the name is tied to being “committed” & making even more wine. I haven’t heard a backstory related to smoke taint.
David Shaw

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Ok, my bad. Thanks for clarifying

Bloomer Creek Vineyard

White Horse Red Blend 2015

No words. Natty crunk meets ‘60s right bank Bordeaux. Luncheon you might have been served by Warhol or Timothy Leary. The Merlot seems a bit riper and more assertive in this vintage, but the CF wrapper leaf and cranberry pop comes in on the surprisingly suave and sneaky-tannic finish. There are no better wines being made in America if you love things that have one foot firmly rooted in the classics and the other with the itch for the new. Superlative and timeless. — 7 days ago

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Mas Jullien

Coteaux du Languedoc 2005

Was frankly stunned by the elegance and freshness here, particularly given my own review of the ‘07 earlier this year, which was not nearly so giving. Vintage (and bottle) variation are real. In any case this was really beautiful and walked that delicate balance between refined grace and animal / rustic notes that I love, with firm but smooth tannins — 4 days ago

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Tzora Vineyards

Misty Hills Red Blend 2017

Medium ruby; medium plus intensity aromas of mushroom, ripe red and black fruit, plum, black cherry, earth, wet leaves; dry, medium acid, medium plus tannins, medium alcohol, medium plus body, pronounced intensity flavors consistent with aromas; long finish, very concentrated flavors with ripe fruit and earthy mineral, very good — 9 days ago

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Markus Schneider

Ursprung 2017

Tobacco, ink, and plum on the nose. Smooth on the palate with a slightly tannic finish. Initial hit of plums with a finish of cherry and mint. Pretty enjoyable for the price. — 6 days ago

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