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E Red Blend

Dark ruby in color with a short reddish rim.

Fruity nose of blackberries, sweet cherries, black currants, oak, licorice, spices, coffee, tobacco, mocha, light vegetables, pencil lead, peppercorn and herbs.

Full bodied with medium acidity and long legs.

Dry and fruity on the palate with black currants, cherries, sweet raspberries, tobacco leaf, spices, oak, licorice, light vegetables, pencil lead, peppercorn and dark coffee.

Tangy finish with soft tannins and raspberries.

This is a very tasty red blend from Spain from the house of Dave Phinney. Well balanced with a nice mouthfeel and mild complexity.

Good right out of the bottle and better as it opens up and gets more structure.

Easy drinking and a good everyday wine.

I paired it with cheeses and crackers.

15% alcohol by volume.

90 points.

— 4 days ago

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Coteaux du Liban

Chateau Red Blend 2007

2007 vintage. Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot. Take your time or decant, as these wines open up beautifully with air. After an hour in the glass, this 2007 seems to be in a perfect place today. Amarena cherries, cedar wood, herbs and dark chocolate, all balanced by fresh acidity. Could be mistaken for California. Superior to the Château Kefraya 2007, because of the quality of the tannins. Abv. 13 %. Incredible value at 20 euros. Too bad I could only get one bottle of this. — a day ago

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Christopher Tynan Wines

Le Sucrier Velours Napa County Sonoma County Red Blend

Had my chef buddies over for a reboot of my Decanting Sessions. I figured this would be a nice treat since it's so unusual. Besides, it's been about 18 months since my last bottle so I wanted to check in with its development. Decanted several hours ahead of time. Deep, impenetrable purplish-red color. An impressive bouquet; a combination of blue and dark fruits with bacon, lavender, smoke and spices. On the palate, an abundance of blue fruits, cassis, meat and baking spices. This is a glossy, compelling and unusual (but delicious) non-vintage wine. Full bodied. Tannin seems to be integrating nicely. Good acidity. The finish is long; tongue smacking! The ABV is remarkably well hidden. Many years of life ahead of these. I really like this wine for what it is and wouldn't mind seeing him make it again if the circumstances permit him to do so. — 12 days ago

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Calluna Vineyards

Calluna Estate Chalk Hill Red Blend 2015

Black tea, a little barnyard and currant notes. Really beautiful on the palate - milk chocolate, plum and dried meats. Great structure. Finish is fairly long and appears to be built for long term drinking. So happy for our friends at Calluna as they continue to have great success and get the recognition they deserve. — 3 days ago

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Figlia Walla Walla Valley Red Blend 2017

Dedicated to Chris Figgins’s two daughters, the ‘Figlia’ is a massive blend of Merlot and Petit Verdot that is unlike anything produced in the state. Aged for twenty three months in French oak, this pitch dark wine starts off with lighter green bell pepper and sage tones that combine with toasty oak and a deep core of dark fruits that all sing in unison. Marvelously textured, with a wonderful weight and intensity, the wine shows off layers of creme de cassis, black olive tapenade, black cherry cordial and shades of anise that all create a seamless effect once on the mouth. The long and generous finish accentuates this beautiful new bottling. While marvelous to savor in its youth, the 2017 ‘Figlia’ will have a long life ahead of it. Be sure to give this at least a two hour decant if you can’t resist this wine for a few years. Drink 2022-2040- 95 — 3 days ago

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Dr. Owen Bargreen

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@Neil Valenzuela Thanks so much. I think it’s 75 retail 🍷
Dr. Owen Bargreen

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@Hugh O'Riordan Really needs a couple of years but it’s magical w a long decant right now 🍷
Hugh O'Riordan

Hugh O'Riordan

I have 6 in my basement. Not sure about aging, I’m getting old!


Alexander Valley Red Blend 2016

Wanted something a little out of my wheelhouse tonight and this new Melka project scratched my itch.

On the nose I get sweet blueberry jam, cloves, star anise, candied rose petals and a slight hint of cola. Right off the nose you can tell this is a big wine but I don’t get much alcohol on the nose even at close to 15% abv.

Beautiful notes of espresso, baking chocolate, stewed cherries, baking spices. There’s a decadent blanket of smooth tannins that really elevates the fruit profile of this wine. 70% merlot, rest is a mix of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc
— 7 days ago

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Jay Kline

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@Arden Barnett Interesting...I didn’t think Preface was still a thing? I had a bunch of the 2006 Preface Cabernet Sauvignon that I purchased way back in 2012 but it’s long since consumed. There was a lot mystery around the wine but it was known to be a small project that Melka was involved with that was supposedly aimed at restaurant lists. Always thought the wine was really good. Cool to know it’s still a thing.
Arden Barnett

Arden Barnett

@Jay Kline Thanks for the info! The wine shop I purchased it from filled me in a little but I really struggled to find anything on this wine. I saw reviews on the 06-07 Cabernets then a little on this blend. Very nice.

Pedres Blanques

Pedres Blanques Rogue 2018

100% whole cluster Grenache. Slightly on the sweet side for me at first but with time in the glass you seat to get additional notes of black olives following the black and blue fruit. A real votre just full of fun and pleasure! The scarcity of the wine may be causing the wine to be slightly overhyped. Really enjoyed it though! First vintage for the Japanese winemakers in Banyuls. — 8 days ago

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Hiyu Wine Farm


Hiyu is one of the most interesting wine projects on the planet. Nate Reddy is conducting experiments with his 30 acres in Oregon that blur boundaries (like wine and cider) and genres and make you expand your concept for what is possible. The complexity of Tzum Feis is otherworldly and maybe the best winemaking I’ve seen stateside. A field blend, it has the minerality and greenness of excellent Loire Cab Franc and the graphite, cedar, and structure of Bordeaux. The aromas have candied orange peel, green bell pepper, cedar, and pencil shavings. Deep concentration and chewy well integrated tannin. Bravo. — 3 days ago

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Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson

Enjoyed this at the winery last summer and have a bottle pending delivery soon, along with some others. Nate and China are doing some great things at Hiyu!


Starfire Columbia Valley Red Blend 2016

A ridiculous value. I’m betting this is Syrah and Grenache, but who knows. Neither the front nor back label gives any hint. Nose has dark cherry ooze, and spot of vanilla, and an intensely saline, fire pit minerality. Baking spice and sweet grilled, fatty beef round out the nose. Fruity and concentrated in the mouth. Sense with ripe, tangy fruit, but not jammy. Lipsmacking acids. A tad bit of heat on the finish detracts a teeny bit, but not much. Great with Tuesday meatloaf! — 15 hours ago

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La Psigula Azienda Vitivinicola

Bramaterra Red Blend 2016

Lyle Fass

Another new AP producer. Floral, expansive and delicate nose. Also loads of tar and tobacco. Mid to end of season cherries, cherry flower, mineral and sour cherry. Fragrant off the bat but needs 10-15 minutes to get going. Then gorgeous wet leaves and a burgundy sensibility. Layered and haunting. Like Volnay. Rich and decadent with cutting acids and big black and red cherry fruit and soft but substantial tannins. Loads of energy and purity. Terrific inner mouth florals balance and juiciness. Lovely tannin quality and awesome finesse. This is terrific. After some air this becomes more compact, fresh and complete. Brilliant wine. No hard edges and super engaging mid palate which crashes into a painfully intense tiny berry fruited finish with glorious sap and structure. Incredible. — 11 days ago

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Lafarge-Vial in the background
Severn Goodwin

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14 L-V, How's it tasting?