Pale Ale Blend

Other Half Brewing Co.

Oh... Dream Oat Cream India Pale Ale

Greenish color for supporting Mexico in this morning's World Cup fixture. Ok a Mexican beer would have been more appropriate but I know what I prefer. — 4 hours ago

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@James Forsyth James Cheers 🍻🇲🇽

Breckenridge Brewery

471 Small Batch India Pale Ale

Nor as good as the Lagunitas, by a long shot. Although good, and definitely has thicker malt and body, this wine seems to have a little more of that whiskey barrel influence which short of conflicts with the Hop a little bit. Definitely better with a little bit of food. I honestly think I prefer their regular 471 to this one. — 11 days ago

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Hill Farmstead Brewery

Edward American Pale Ale

J Choi

Definitely best beer I’ve had — 10 hours ago

Meantime Brewing Co.

London Pale Ale

B.J. G

Great beer, but the typical characteristics of a Pale Ale is lacking. I would recommend it highly as a good drinking beer, but the hard biting hops are missing — 23 days ago

Lagunitas Brewing Company

Citrusinensis Pale Ale

Really, really , REALLY GOOD IPA. Bought one of these on a mix and match and should have bought at least 12! Great Citrus hop, balanced out by a touch of orange peel. Definitely not your juicier IPA. Starts off a tiny bit multi, and then goes to more of a dryer, woodsy style with some pine resin. Could drink 3 of these easy. At 7.5%, that would definitely catch up to you. ..... Maybe I'm glad I only bought 1! — 11 days ago

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Toppling Goliath Brewing Company

Pseudo Sue Pale Ale

Not too sweet, but very slightly fruity. — 7 days ago

St. Austell Brewery

Tribute Cornish Pale Ale

Hand pulled bitters in London. Room temperature beer rocks!
— 23 days ago

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Lord Hobo Brewing Company

Glorious Galaxy Pale Ale

Pours opaque and agitated with an instantaneous, snowy flattop. It subsequently flattens to a skim of tiny, loose white bubbles, most hugging the rim. Very bold and tropical nose of pineapple, Meyer lemon and clementine with a bit of lemon bread and glazed carrot thrown in for good measure. Chamomile tea and hemp flour in the middle, as lemongrass ultimately sharpens its otherwise soft edges aromatically. Quartz and metallic mineral textures transform citrus to crystal lemon and grapefruit with a nitric element. Grape leaf, lime and candied basil with green pansy flavors and bitter lime marmalade. #glorious #lordhobo #galaxypaleale #beer #ale #hops #lordhobobrewing #paleale #massachusetts #brew — 10 days ago

Half Acre Beer Company

Daisy Cutter Pale Ale

So grateful that there is West coast distribution now. One of the best pale ales. — 14 days ago

Burial Beer Company

Surf Wax India Pale Ale

Imminently drinkable IPA on the citrus end of the spectrum — 17 days ago