Ohio, Usa

Meranda-Nixon Winery

Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Big aroma of blackberries. mild ruby color. Smooth soft plums and dark fruit. Soft dusty dryness of dark cherries on the finish. — 3 days ago

Harpersfield Vineyard

Reserve Grand River Valley Pinot Noir

Has a tang, but good with the charcutterie I'm eating. — a month ago

Cypress Cellars

Peach Wine

Lovely peach wine. — a month ago

Orin Swift

The Boy Who Cried Wolf (Equinox Edition 1) Chardonnay 2012

Almost a 91. But a bit short. Peaches and dried nuts. A little on the viscous side and to be honest with you I really didn't know what to expect. Leaner towards the finish. If I saw this on a discount for $40, I'd buy a couple of bottles. Rearding longevity, I just don't think this one is getting any better in the bottle, so might as well drink it now. — 2 days ago

Dan FitzgeraldShay A
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Shay A

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Another wine that seems to be in “drink now” mode. A touch sulfuric on the nose. Very savory with sea salt, popcorn kernel, and only the faintest note of Meyer lemon. Herbal, sea salt butter, and butterscotch. Unique.

Jackie O's Pub & Brewery

Carrots & Sticks

Carrots & Sticks Belgian Strong Golden Ale / Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery / Athens, OH, USA — a month ago

Charles Smith

Royal City Washington Syrah 2010

Shay A

This was one of my contributions from Friday evening. I slow oxed this for 4hrs prior to serving at the recommendation of @Bill Bender ...glad I took that advice. Wasn’t so shocked at how powerful this was as I was how it was still tightly wound. The fruit is coming from the “funk” part of the region (not sure if it’s Rocks district or not), and while there is some herbal and savory notes up front, there is plenty of fruit (albeit underripe)...blackberry, black cherry and smoked plum on the nose. Great acidity. The mid palate has a streak of herbs de Provence down the middle wrapped in inky dark fruit before turning more savory (roasted game meat-like) at the finish, but not funky/iron driven like I get with Cayuse. — a day ago

Mark FlesherWeston EidsonDavid Schoonover
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Bill Bender

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Perfect check in and write up @Shay A I had an ‘08 last Halloween and it was tighter than....(insert your own inappropriate description here)....but I’m a big fan of both this wine and the skull 💀
Mark Flesher

Mark Flesher

To me, this wine is between 93 and 94 but IMO much closer to 94. This wine is for the savory Syrah lover who is drinking wines with others who may not be savory Syrah lovers. Nose is black cherry, dried herb and bacon fat. Entry is actually quite non-funky, and flirts the funky/not funky line. Black cherry, candied bacon and herbal. Goes to funk towards the finish and the more it approaches room temperature, the funkier it gets. This wine plays both fields, and does so much better than the 13 Horsepower Syrah Luchtel it was opened alongside. This wine was opened about 4hr before being enjoyed and recanted before arriving at its final destination.


Celebration Spice

makes me think of the Holiday's — 12 days ago

Swick Wines

Un Oeuf Syrah 2017

💯 % Syrah from a concrete egg 🥚 Smoke, earth, mineral. Dense and rich. — 5 days ago

Kristi MillerAlex Bacon
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Grand River Cellars

Austin's Red Blend

Smooth, love the taste, perfect for gatherings. — a month ago

Old Westminster

Home Vineyard Petillant Naturel Albariño 2017

About 125ml lost from a Pet Nat doing what a Pet Nat does. The nose is a little interesting. Refried beans and Meyer lemon. Some weediness. Entry however is all lemon and even a bit of plantain and some herb. Middle and finish bitters out a bit. Bubbles make it interesting but don't overdo it. Pleasant crisp aftertaste. This is a poolside pounder! — 2 days ago

Dan FitzgeraldShay AClare Gillette
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Not sure what surprised me more...seeing a PetNat of Albariño from Maryland, or that I kept thinking about this wine long after I had left! I can still smell the fresh squeezed mango and guava in the glass. Similar to the other PetNat on the table, some weediness/herbs with a savory sea salt finish. This was clean, fruit forward and surprisingly delicious!
Bill Bender

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