Nerello Blend


Faro Nerello Blend 2014

My 3rd go around with this outland DOC producer in the NE corner of Sicily. Light, rustic, savory....but oh so balanced and bright. Has pairing versatility like Cru Beaujolais. — 9 days ago

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Tenuta delle Terre Nere

Etna Rosso Nerello Mascalese Blend 2015

Love the region, love the winery, love the grape! — 20 days ago

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Azienda Agricola le Vigne di Eli

Moganazzi - Volta Sciara Etna Rosso Nerello Blend 2011

Something about volcanic soil appeals to my Neapolitan roots I think. — 12 days ago

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Terrazze dell'Etna

Carusu Etna Rosso

Reminiscing our visit to Sicily in 2013!
— 13 days ago

Bob Johnson
with Bob

I Custodi

Ætneus Etna Rosso Nerello Blend 2015

Your friend comes back from Hawaii and they bring you a lava rock which they’re not supposed to because it’s bad, bad, very bad luck but you always had a thing for risking the superstitious odds and not sending along chain emails, so you’re into this bad luck rock. They also bring you a lei with less flowers than you’ve seen on leis at the dollar store but you put it on and crack your best pseudo smile for them because dammit they love you and they did what they could, short of bringing you on their romantic vacation. Honestly if they did bring you, you know you’d get into one of your “moods” and not only would you be a hard third wheel, you’d also be named the pity party hostess of the year. Cherries, ash, dried flowers, tannic structure like a good skipping stone. — 7 days ago

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Rosato Terre Siciliane Nerello Blend 2016

Delicious smoked strawberries in the palate. — 4 days ago

Sasa Antonio (Tony Sasa)

Etna Rosso Nerello Blend

Strawberry freezer jam and volcanic rocks. Delicious. — 14 days ago


Serra della Contessa Etna Rosso Nerello Blend 2011

Wow. The great vintage really stands out with this Cru, aromas of earth and rose petals jump out of the Zalto, the palette is savory as well with tobacco and mature cherries. Man need to find more of this Contrada from this vintage. 🌋🍷 — 22 days ago

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Fattorie Romeo Del Castello

Vigo Etna Rosso DOC Red Blend 2013

Can't wait to see how my other bottle ends up! — 2 days ago

Terrazze dell'Etna

Cratere Nerello Mascalese Blend 2010

Our anniversary wine from RPM, keeps getting better and better as the years tick by. Not sure it’s for the success of the marriage or the success of the wine, both provide wins — 5 days ago