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Have had Vej a few times. This orange bottling is not for everyone, but definitely for me. At Litro in Rome. — 2 days ago

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Istrian Malvasia

Cranberry, blackberry, honey and cranberry smell, mild natural carbonation (1/10), rich full some sweetness, and light stickiness, resin — 13 days ago

Vinogradi Fon

Selezione Kras Malvasia

Amazing surprise, very complex coming from 60yr old plants, full bodied almost burgundy, high minerality and good acidity. WOW!!! — 23 days ago

Clos Lentiscus

Petillant Naturel Gentlemant Malvasia Catalunya 2013

Maridame. Cata Clos Lentiscus.
— a month ago

Maragakis Winery

Symphoni-Á Malvasia 2011

Crisp, exotic, typical Malvasia floral and spice aromatics. Honey suckle, melon, chalk flavors. Super quenching — 10 days ago


Le Mole Malvasia 2016

Vintage 2016 - mahony colour, way too young, but beautiful smell with muscat and roses. Still tannic. Bitters. Much concentration. Wow, really much character. #orangewine — 25 days ago

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Salina Bianco Secco Malvasia 2017

Peonies brought home from the market, crushed granite surrounding opulent planters.
Like that wealthy friends house you went to, but were afraid to touch anything.

— 3 days ago


Infatata Malvasia Secca di Tricoli 2016

A little island off the coast of Sicily is where this was born. Tasting sea salt, ocean breeze, oyster shells, wild flowers and a hot sunny day. — 23 days ago

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Vintage 2012 - Dries apricot. Roses. Mocca. Full wine, a bit fat. — 25 days ago

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Frank Cornelissen

Susucaru Rosato Malvasia Blend 2016

Легкая газация на старте. Клюква, кислая вишня с черенком, белая смородина, абрикосы, маракуйя, красный апельсин, лимонный сок, соленый арбуз, мятые цветы, розовый перец, гвоздика, миндаль, глина, уголь. Худое, жилистое тело с дрожащим нервом кислотности, молодые мелкозернистые танины. Пока ещё чуть шаткий баланс сочных, парфюмированных тропиков и строгой вертикальной структуры. Ярко, но не утомительно; с грязью под ногтями, но без запаха стойла; идиосинкратично, но при этом чрезвычайно питко. — 8 days ago

with Rin
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MaJ CappS

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I thought this was such a crazy weird wine. Truly needs a lot of time to digest its complex meaning.