Locavore Beer Works

Alfonso Soranzo (Monteforche)

'Lo Sfuso di Collina' Cabernet Franc

Rich perfume of spices and pomegranate. Specifically pomegranate. Beautiful bee pollen and mulling spices. No harshness. The fragrance of a rich and blossoming garden of roses.

Woah. Zippity zip. We got acidity, and it’s medium to high but with the natural carbonation and juice juice juice, it just works man.

It’s got sour framboise beer qualities, but of course the tannins and the cola like quality just sings.

Patting myself on the back for popping into Simply Wine in Financial District before a rooftop dinner party with some old friends.
— 4 months ago

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Samuel Smith Old Brewery

Organic Pale Ale

Gary Westby

Experimenting with cutting edge pairings. Beer and salty nuts- I am going to say it works. — 4 years ago

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Vin Zering

Vin Zering

Beer and nuts- a million years of validation on that pairing.
Troy Givens

Troy Givens

Don't go to far out of your comfort zone @Gary Westby 🤓
Norman Gennaro

Norman Gennaro Premium Badge

Pull back from that edge.

Private Landbrauerei Schönram

Schönramer Pils Pilsner Beer

Tom Elliot

A more bitter med-body Pils than the average but works for me. Imported by Uplifters Spirits. — 5 years ago

Paul Kubler

"K" Alsace Pinot Gris 2016

this bottle takes me back to Alsace.
i spent a weekend in Strasbourg in 2006 protesting/partying in front of the European parliament that's located there.
no wine was tasted as i sticked to self imported bottle of zubrowka vodka, drops of potent LSD (that were dropped to the tail end of the vodka by a really short vicious smiling man - true story) and local pilsner beer that i remember fondly that's called 'meteor' and came in large 750ml bottles(pretty good ice cold and just ok after the sun warmed up the last 3rd of the bottle).

and now... 13 years later. different tastebuds. but I'm still the same person essentially.

100% pinot gris

off dry officially but feels dry.

14% ABV

pale green 👀

🧀 rind, green apple, pear, very fresh lemon and finely chopped greens👃

full body. I'm guessing the rs helps to build it.
medium plus acidity.

creamy, tart and a bit fruity with added white pepper and maybe even ginger 👄

long lingering pleasent creamy 🎯 like tasty and slightly bitter 🍬

great wine, no doubt about it.
tasty and complex, plays with you and changes every sip, but always superb.

excelent vfm (110 nis). expensive but works hard for your money.

need to try the winery Riesling now.

had it all day on it's own while vacationing.
soft and spicy cheese platter could have helped but I'm too full.
— a year ago

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Sharon B

Sharon B Influencer Badge

Love Strasbourg!

Eviltwin Brewing Co.

Mission Gose

For the first time added pomgranade to guacamole and it works great. The beer is amazing with hints of honey and eucaliptus. Now I just need the Bears to spank the Packers tonight. — 5 years ago

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Jeffrey Long

Jeffrey Long

Hopefully there might be at least one Thanksgiving game that isn't a complete blow-out.
Yuriy Roman

Yuriy Roman

They are inducting Favre in the Wisc. Hall of Fame today. Perhaps they will be distracted and the Bears fan sneak a W in there...

The Church Brew Works

Millennium (2000) Trippel Belgian Style Tripped Ale

It was very a very light beer with a distinct crisp sparkling. It was very floral. A very good beer and went down very smoothly. — 6 years ago

Alloy Wine Works

Methode Aluminum Pinot Noir

Sparkling Pinot Noir is refreshing like a sour beer and it pours the same with a cloudy white wine/beer look- very surprising and yummy! — 2 years ago

De Proefbrouwerij

Mikkeller Raspberry Fruit Trippelbock

Totally unique beer. This is actually the Raspberry Trippelbock, and it is awesome. You can smell the raspberry as soon as you open the bottle. Wonderfully complex nose of raspberry and sweet malt, which are seamlessly integrated on the palate. Your expectation is that it would be too sweet, but it's so well integrated that it all works (although serving a couple of degrees cooler would probably bring it into perfect balance). Best beer of the night. — 3 years ago

Jeffrey Long
with Jeffrey
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Baltimore Washington Beer Works

Curley’s Irish Stout

Curley's Irish Stout. 25yrs and counting at the Boston Beer Works. Fenway. Foo. — 5 years ago

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Brooklyn Brewery

Local 1 Ale

Ha ha beer works — 6 years ago