Livio Felluga

Marco Felluga

Russiz Superiore Collio Cabernet Franc 2014

1st time to drink Marco Felluga’s reds. Loved the balance of the fruit and how approachable it was to drink. Quite impressed!! — 17 hours ago

Marco Felluga

Collio Pinot Grigio 2017

At Fisherman ‘s Corner Restaurant. Very good! — 2 months ago

Livio Felluga

Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso

First refosco for me. Berry, leathery, dry, drinkable. — a month ago

Livio Felluga

illivio Collio

fantastic body and character — 6 months ago

Pertimali (Livio Sassetti)

La Querciolina Montecucco Sangiovese 2015

Nice Sangiovese from Montecucco. Dark berries, plums, chocolate. Grippy tannins but nice dinner finish. Very enjoyable. Montecucco is a relatively new wine region in Italy that was somewhat hard to find when I visited a few years ago because it wasn't on any maps. Good adventure and good value. @Gregory McCardle — 8 months ago

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@AgeyFixey Agey sounds great I will try and track down this wine or at least some from Montecucco Thanks for the post Cheers 🍷
Shawn Thompson

Shawn Thompson

Excellent review. Loved your notes. Cheers 🍷


Very nice description and photo! 🍷

Pertimali (Livio Sassetti)

Riserva Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese 1985

Javier gomez
Fede barrio
Est alvelais
Dr diaz
— a month ago

Marco Felluga

Friuli Bianco 2016

Fantastic! — 5 months ago

Phil Castellano
with Phil
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