Kartli, Georgia


Kartli Amber Qvevri Crazy and Alive Mtsvane

Very nice qvevri wine. Fresh apple and peach. Tannins make for a nice finish. — 7 days ago

Aleks Simčič

Gio Chardonnay

Solid. Medium bodied. Apple, Apple cider. lime. — 18 days ago

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I am Didimi from Dimi and this is my Krakhuna Imereti 2015

The hype is real. This rules. — a month ago

Amy Gironda
with Amy
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Pheasant's Tears

Kakhuri Mtsvivani 2016

Definitely some funky waxiness with just the right amount of acid. Surprisingly easy to enjoy without being obvious. — 12 days ago

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Saperavi Rose 2016

Smokey cherry on the nose. Dried cranberries with a creamy finish. Full bodied. — a month ago

Vino Martville


Savory, salty, bandaid, acidic. Weird wine but in the best way — a month ago

Vino Martville

Orbelian Ojaleshi

I’m loving this natural wine from Georgia. Complex with a lot of body. Delicious. — 8 days ago

Terrapin Beer Co.

Mosaic Red Rye India Pale Ale

As expected, a reddish hue to the amber, giving this an added warmth visually. Nice diversity of turtle back bubble clusters falling through the negative space of fine bubbled vines forming to leave a cantilevered lacing. The rye gives an earthy note to fig and malty caramel and mangrove honey, while blood orange and sweet lemon rise like a mirage. Great beer entry with a polished iron aspect cutting into the cooked ginger, wild rice and dark tea tastes and textures. A soft recollection of spun sugar heating. Soft and sweet, while bitter and deep. Session-able, with a pause for contemplative memory. .
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— a month ago

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Shalva Natroshvili's Family Vineyards & Cellar

ShN Amber Dry Kakhuri Mtsvivani 2018

Amazing qvevri wine, Rich aromas of peach, apricot, fennel, honey, a bit of ripe apple notes. Noticeably high acidity. Grippy tannins, yet ripe and smooth. One of the best examples of Georgian amber wine! — 25 days ago

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