Kartli, Georgia

Creature Comforts Brewing Company

Athena Berliner Weisse

Nice, but a light B-W, I enjoy a slightly heavier wheat base, but refreshing on a warm Georgia evening.
4.5% ABV
— 2 days ago

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Very balanced, super tasty. My first Georgian wine. Not too fruity, just slightly dry. — 6 days ago

Askaneli Brothers

Rkatsiteli Qvevri 1800

Spännande och rikt vin! Gillart! — 4 days ago

Askaneli Brothers

Georgian Traditions 8 Cognac

A nice sweet and rich brandy, the best value for price I have found — 6 days ago

Iago's Wine


Great affordable orange wine — 19 hours ago

Vino Martville

Krakhuna 2017


Mind blowing, dirty, nasty, blue cheese seaweed umami funk with orange blossom and honeyed apricots. High acid. Perfection. Alive. — 25 days ago


Qvevri Bouquet Mtsvane 2014

Something totally different. The oak comes out very well. Earthy with a taste of apple. Long after taste. — 18 days ago


Amber dry Rkatsiteli Mtsvane 2018

Very clean skin contact, with a little funk — 3 days ago

Aaron Davis
with Aaron

Gogo Wine

Cuvée Bebés Rkatsiteli Mtsvane

An impressive rkatsiteli blend. Wonderful notes of pear and white tea. Lingering finish. — 5 days ago

Terrapin Beer Co.

Hopsecutioner India Pale Ale

Don’t remember too much about this cept it was pretty tasty! — 10 days ago