Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello

Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello

Monprivato di Castiglione Falletto Barolo Nebbiolo 2004

A very special 04 Monprivato shared generously by @Eric Weiner. After an hr it was just signing. What a great wine with years ahead of it. — 6 days ago

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Anthony De Blasi

Anthony De Blasi

Nice line-up!

Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello

Monprivato Cà d'Morissio Riserva Barolo Nebbiolo 2010

Thought the Voerzio was the better wine as the Mascarello was thin and not showing much out of the gates. The Cap was disappointing. Had moved the secondary and tertiary flavors which was surprising given its only a 2005. — 4 months ago

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Jay Kline

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Bummer about that Cap.

Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello

Santo Stefano di Perno Barolo Nebbiolo 2013

Brilliant. Red fruit and very aromatic with balsamic and licorice on the finish. Can’t wait to revisit in a few years.
— 4 months ago

Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello

Barolo Nebbiolo 1964

Gorgeously supple blue fruit. Very fresh and dynamic- hints of menthol and gnarly stuff. Pure and delicious. A great bottle. — 2 months ago

David Schachter
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Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello

Mascarello Barolo Nebbiolo 1961

Quite ruby dark. A haunting, intense nose with roses, raspberry, settled wood, black tea. This is so fine and subtle and delicious but still has wonderful balance and fruit. Exceptional. Riserva — 3 months ago

BOT Matt LichtenbergPaul Woolls
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David Schachter

David Schachter

I had the 71 Riserva last Saturday night and it was a massive wine that only started to be expressive after three hours.
Conrad Green

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I've been lucky enough to have the '61 twice in the last couple of weeks. It's in a really beautiful place right now. I can imagine the '71 might be a pup still

Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello

Scudetto Superiore Barbera d'Alba 2015


Fresh fruit and nice light acidity — 6 months ago

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John Osgood

John Osgood


Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello

Mascarello dai Vigneti di Proprietà Langhe Nebbiolo 2012

Gus N

Nypon, hallon och knallpulver. Fortfarande vid god vigör! — 2 months ago

Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello

Scudetto Piemonte Barbera 2010

How many age-worthy barberas are there out there?! This is certainly only. Smooth and balanced. Red fruit, lavender. It has all the goods to make for a perfect evening sipper with or without food. Wouldn’t expect anything less from this bottling. 🌟 — 3 months ago

Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello

Riserva Castiglione Falletto Barolo Nebbiolo 1961

Very pretty. Soft and pale with faded cherry, dried rose, tea like faded edges. Fruit is still lovely- very resolved and persistent. Charming. — 4 months ago

Paul WoollsAra Aslanian
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Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello

Toetto Langhe Freisa 2015

Taut. Youthful red fruits. Nice. Very young. — 6 months ago

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