Georgia Wines

Kakhuri Gvinis Marani

Qvevri Amber Dry Rkatsiteli 2015

Prior 2 notes still apply. There is wax, honey, caramel on the nose. Very nice palate with strong acid, a bit of caramel, a spherical mid palate with that tannins layer, and a long finish with caramel and that drying effect. It's great. Maybe a bit too cold. I like that! — 10 days ago

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Nikalas Marani

Tsarapi Budeshuri Saperavi

Sakeeb loved it. Very unusual, in a delicious way. “Opaque” is the word that comes to mind. — 20 days ago

Alapiani's Marani

Rkatsiteli Bolnuri 2017

Smell has some thyme lavender, gold orange color, thyme oregano taste, some acids and a musty naturalness that carries through with a metallic final finishing tannin — 17 days ago

Tchotiashvili Family Vineyards

Mtsvane Limited Dry Amber Wine 2016

Rich amber color, cloudy. Acidity with hints of honey. Nice bitterness. — 3 days ago


Kakheti Rkatsiteli 2017

Muted aromas of apricot, honey, some dried flowers. Dusty, grainy quality. Darjeeling tea, a little acetone. Solidly built overall, but doesn’t quite match the complexity and concentration of the best skin contact whites. — 13 days ago

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Orgo Teleda

Dila-O Rkatsiteli Mtsvane 2019

Peach fuzz and canned apricots. Some herbal backbone. Elegant. — 5 days ago

Kenneth Naanep
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Chateau Elan

Fingerprint Collection Tempranillo 2017

Warm silky more subtle than Spanish. Thus is from volcanic soil in California
— 16 days ago

Guisela Inga
with Guisela


Dry Unfiltered Unfined Chinuri 2017

Definitely my first wine from Georgia, and what an introduction! Very amber and very natural. Ferments in a traditional qvevri vessel with 6-month skin contact. Some sulphur on the nose, but fresh and clean. Great wine for late fall and the onset of colder weather. — 16 days ago

Gaioz Sopromadze

White Dry Unfiltered Krakhuna 2015

Unlike any other wine we’ve ever had with very elegant hints of caramel and a bit nutty but also fruity. The other description below this one describes it perfectly and definitely would love to have another few bottles of these to save. — 9 days ago

Ben Markowitz
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Pheasant's Tears

Kartli Saperavi 2019

Incredibly color, grippy tannins, very light, earthy, vegetal, plums, blackberries — 14 days ago

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