Gamay Noir

Yvon Métras

Fleurie Gamay 2018

Gosh, this was good. So open at the moment that I think I enjoyed this even more so than the 17' (which I absolutely adore), although they're quite different animals. V18 has certainly brought about more ripeness but with heaps of elegance (unlike V15 imo).

As usual, Metras' trademark purity and textural allure just pulls me in. On the nose, blackberries and raspberries layered by distinct floral and spice notes. The palate is powerful, but with real focus and a mineral drive (almost like a concentrate, yet light). Crystal clear notes of dark fruits, spice, and earth, with a subtle touch of animale. Intense, but so fine. Love it!

NB: Unbeatable pairing with KFC 🤯 I also happen to notice how similar my tasting notes are for Beaujolais' I like, which perhaps doesn't capture why I think Metras is quite special. The texture Metras often brings is hard to describe - kinda like having bird's nest soup, but less gelatinous, if anyone can relate. Anyway, idiosyncratic is the word to use here. Love the Metras wines and more so, if not for their inconsistent nature.
— 4 days ago

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Domaine des Marrans

Clos de Pavillon Fleurie Gamay 2015

In order to be fair to this wine, I have to put aside predispositions about what Beaujolais SHOULD be like. Because this is a monster wine. Fully saturated color. Intense nose has dark crunchy dark cherry/berry fruit, intense cracked granite minerality. Massively concentrated flavors in the mouth. Tannic too. While finesse isn’t a word I’d use with this one, it avoids the blocky heaviness of a lot of 15s. Peppery heat peaks through in the finish. Pretty decent acidity. — 12 days ago

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Chris Shultz

Chris Shultz

I tend to like these deep Beaujolais. Haven’t had this one but I like what I’m reading
Severn Goodwin

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Good stuff!

Château Thivin

Cuvée Zaccharie Côte de Brouilly Gamay 2016

Getting a bit deeper into Gamay because it’s accessible, affordable, can be complex, and is altogether pretty easy. And this one is top notch. — 11 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Yes, very top notch.

Domaine Michel Cheveau

Les Champs Grilles Saint-Amour Gamay 2016

Haven’t had much (any?) Saint Amour before so not sure how it typically compares to other Cru Beaujolais. But this one at least is redolent with violets, tangy raspberry, cherries, blackberries, dried herbs and earth, with maybe a slight charred quality on the finish although that may just be the power of suggestion from the name of the lieu dit. Satin smooth, Burgundian texture — 11 days ago

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Sophie and Thierry Chardon

Les Chardons Touraine Gamay 2018

A beautiful deep red wine. It opens with notes of red fruit: strawberry, raspberry, cherry. The attack is supple and beautiful freshness, the fruit is ripe on a beautiful intensity. supple and peppery finish.A fruity, crunchy wine. somewhere between Loire and Beaujolais — 8 days ago

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La Soeur Cadette

Julienas Gamay

Love this Gamay great intensity littlest bit of vegetative character under this huge robe of fruit deliciousness — 2 days ago

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Sounds good!🍷


El Dorado Gamay Noir 2018

We enjoyed this. Very easy going. Not too complex and that is just what we needed. — 16 days ago

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Domaine Ruet

La Fontenelle Chiroubles Gamay 2018

light, fruity / floral, crunchy, fresh, delicious ... a magnificent Beaujolais gamay, with the usual notes of small red fruits (cherries, raspberries, strawberries), flowers (violet, iris, wilted rose) .. I love it — 4 days ago

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Jean Georges & Fils

Chénas Gamay 2015

second bottle still as delicious. close to a Morgon. Round wine with a nice fullness. freshness and crunch. Five years of age, it is balanced and ready to drink. — 2 days ago

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Clos De La Roilette

Clos de la Roilette Fleurie Gamay 2018

Much better than first bottle-less on the creosote and more on the primary fruit, which is gorgeous. Has the body and edge ofMoulin A Vent, not Fleurie, which I’ve said before here. Flat out one of my fave 25$and under wines, period. — 21 days ago

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