Dr. Koehler

Dr. Bürklin-Wolf

Ungeheuer Riesling 2015

Lyle Fass

Been about a year. Lovely, expressive nose, citrus, tangerine, pink grapefruit, salty minerals, an airiness, class and depth. Chewy, textured and super mineral. Wow. Awesome concentration and purity. Deep, mouth coating and very elite. Really expansive and pure. This has picked up weight and depth in a year. Chewy, dense and structured with lovely minerality and a playful citrus core. So so long. Fantastic. — 5 days ago

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Dr. Loosen

Erdener Treppchen Spätlese Mosel Riesling 2016

Touch of petrol, lemon and lime, pear, apple, and candied peach. Cracking lip smacking acidity that intertwines with the residual sugar, then after the long finish the flinty minerality shows slightly. Super fun to drink — 9 days ago

Weingut Geheimer Rat Dr. Von Bassermann-Jordan

Jesuitengarten Grosse Gewächs Riesling 2014

Study sesh!!!! Wine of the night is a GG (grosses gewachs) Riesling wine from Pfalz, Germany. 🇩🇪
👁This wine has a medium lemon hue. This wine is clear with subtle effervescence.
👃 The nose is clean. This wine has pronounced intensity of developing aromas including tart apple, apricot, lemon, lime, pineapple, gooseberry, elderflower, honeysuckle, honey, and wet stone.
👄 This wine is dry and medium bodied. The acidity is high. The alcohol is medium. This wine has pronounced intensity of flavors including tart green apple, lemon peel, lime, apricot, passion fruit, gooseberry, wet stone, and honeysuckle. The finish is medium(+).
Quality of this wine is very good. It is very good because it has strong balance of acidity and fruit characteristics. It has a good length and intensity of aromas. It could be improved with greater complexity and tertiary flavor development that would increase the honeyed and dried fruit flavor potential. This wine may be consumed now, but will benefit from more time in the bottle.
Dr. Von Bassermann-Jordan. Riesling. Jesuitengarten. VDP. GG. Pfalz. Germany. Vintage 2014. ABV 13%.
— 13 days ago

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Dr. Wehrheim

Birkweiler Rosenberg Chardonnay 2016

Charakter und ein langes Leben vor sich — 5 days ago

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Kallstadter Saumagen Kabinett trocken Riesling

Marc S

Sophisticated, balanced ; no botritis and not concentrated but o so tasteful — 10 days ago

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Myriad Cellars

Elysian Beckstoffer Dr. Crane Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Restoring my faith in modern Cali cabs. An absolute joy. — 14 days ago

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Dr. Loosen

Wehlener Sonnenuhr Kabinett Mosel Riesling 2018

This is only my second ever German Riesling, the first also (I think) being a Kabinett that I tried, as a relative newbie to wine as a whole, some seven or eight years ago - and hated. But something about Germany’s bottomless pit of wine styles, and the fierce delineation of its vineyards, appeals to me, and as someone who drinks far more old- than new world wine, it was about time I popped a cork and dived in.

In short, this was an immensely enjoyable wine - particularly on the second night. Rough notes from the night as follows: apricot, apple tart, a slight petrol note, petrichor, and a saline edge, with passion fruit lining the finish. The smell reminds me of boat trips in Greece - diesel engines combined with fresh sea salt, I guess. Immediate tangy impression on the front of the tongue that lasts through the finish. Very ripe and linear. Medium acidity in this off-dry style.

I’ve now massively got the bug. Anyone got some Spätlese they could lend?
— 25 days ago

Dr. Loosen

Ürziger Würzgarten Kabinett Mosel Riesling 2019

Another Dr. Loosen Kabinett, this time from Graacher Himmelreich, that after my foray into German Riesling a few weeks ago I was very excited to try. The conditions were laid of a Wednesday evening, a ‘send-off’ meal for my sister before she departed for university, and she elected for us to have an Indian takeaway. And hence, one of my most memorable food pairings was conceived: this wine, with fish pakora and raita sauce. No joke. Genuinely phenomenal. The wine continued to pair well with the main course and was beautiful on its own after the dinner. Notably less sweet, I thought, than the 2018 Wehlener, and totally quaffable.

Hook me up to this stuff on an IV drip.
— 24 days ago

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Loosen Bros.

Dr. L Riesling 2018

A refreshing delicious dry Riesling. Paired well with shellfish — 14 days ago

Dr. Hermann

Ürziger Würzgarten Kabinett Riesling 2014

Strong notes of honey, very sweet. — 9 hours ago