Dessus de Montchenevoy Savigny-lès-Beaune Pinot Noir 2020

2022/9/11-13. This was interesting. Despite the style and availability, I haven’t had a ton of Chanterêves, but have thoroughly enjoyed what I have had - and given what I read from Jasper Morrison, I was pretty excited for this. Right now though, it is very young indeed - wild and intense. It’s got a crunchy, juicy feel, with plenty of lip smacking acidity, but also a powdery concentration one doesn’t see much in Burgundy (at least before global warming...). The nose starts off wild, grapes, perhaps a touch volatile - one hopes it’s fine with the apparently low sulfur. Over time, beautiful floral elements and hints of spice show, but it does feel like this could use some time to settle down. — 12 days ago


Les Briquottes Ladoix Pinot Noir 2019

Cinnamon and allspice on the nose in a way that’s very unique. Light red fruit finish and a little woodsy. Delicious. — 6 months ago


Bourgogne Chardonnay 2020

everything is here. really juicy, lots of weight and complexity for a Bourgogne. — 11 days ago

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Les Damodes Nuits Saint Georges 1er Cru Pinot Noir 2018

Birthday wine. Beautiful, cherry. Love the producer. — 3 months ago

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Les Tuyaux Nuits Saint Georges Pinot Noir 2019

This was volatile and unpleasant on opening, but changed dramatically and really opened up with an hour in a decanter. Blackberry and black cherry, warm earth, mineral, ripe but beautifully balanced, silky tannin 😋 — 3 months ago

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Pernand-Vergelesses Le Morand 2019

Minor detail but it’s La Morand…another superb P-V, cloudy yellow color/lots of sediment, hard to describe except another perfect expression of Burgh elegance — 6 months ago

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Bourgogne Pinot Noir

New label, same amazing producers. Fantastic. — 15 days ago

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Takizawa Winery

Hinohatake Cuvée Pinot Noir 2020

NOTE TO EXPERT: this is the Hinohatake cuvée This started with just a touch of high-toned candy (especially compared to the Chanterêves Savigny), but settled to reveal a very pretty, sweetly floral character, tempered with more savory herbs and a subtle minerality. I find Burgundian-styles Pinot Noir to be one of the best matches for Japanese food (especially dishes featuring shoyu, sansho, yuzu, etc.), and this was no exception - even with sashimi (with negi ponzu), Kyoto-style taitan relying heavily on dashi, etc. Not massively complex, perhaps, but lots of flavor and not lacking in dimensions. Overall, one of the most satisfying Japanese Pinot Noirs I have had in a while. — 11 days ago


Les Chagniots Bourgogne Aligoté 2019

Tart green apple, lemon zest, bright and direct ⚡️ — 6 months ago

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