Château Cheval Blanc

Château Cheval Blanc

St. Émilion Red Bordeaux Blend 1998

Dense Ruby at the core, turning garnet around the rim. Amazing to observe the effect of age on the wine's color. This is amplifying my excitement in anticipation of the bouquet and the taste! The nose is a mixture of ripe red and black fruits, with strong character of old leather, smoke and forest floor. The texture is of a very fine and smooth velvet; and the taste of fruit feels creamy like mousse. The tannins are resolved and polished. The taste of fruits is lush and creamy. The finish didn't feel that long in the first couple hours, but it really showed in the third hour. This Cheval Blanc '98 is just pure class. 98 from me. — 16 days ago

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Bevan Cellars

Dry Stack Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Compared to the 2014 Addax SB this was tasted alongsidez this had much less citrus on the palate and less acidity up front although it turned it on a bit on the finish. Still never reached the Addax in terms of this. This wine is more Asian pear and some green melon with a grassy note to the finish. Still quite full bodied for a 5 year old SB and a really neat comparison to the Addax of the same year which is sourced from the same fruit with the same winemaker. This one probably would have gone better with food whereas the Addax was definitely a better summertime 'poolside pounder.' Very neat side by side. — 3 days ago

Bradley Davis
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Lewis Cellars

Debbie's Cuvee Sauvignon Blanc 2017

This would benefit with another 6 months to a year in the bottle. Name after his wife. Exceptional SB ,taking back how they made a right turn and made it much more old world then I would of expected. Since Randy and his team are all on board with new world styles. — 3 days ago

Bill Bender
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Mike R

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It was one of wines of the night

Cheval des Andes

Mendoza Malbec Blend 2015

Shay A

Cheval des Andes tasting with their technical manager who is also an assistant winemaker. Tasted ‘05, ‘07, ‘14 and ‘15. Very cool story behind this winery (and its affiliation with Chateau Cheval Blanc).

Even though it was the youngest vintage of the evening, the bones are here for this to be a long lived and beautiful wine. Described by them as a “classic vintage”, it also represents a style shift where they will focus only on blending Malbec and Cabernet (percentage will change each year), as opposed to being more Bordeaux in style with merlot and petit Verdot like previous vintages. Very clean. Super aromatic with ripe and sweet red and black fruit. No traces of licorice or squeezed fruit that Malbec can show. Very faint dark cocoa, cedar and herbal notes toward the back. Lovely.
— 5 days ago

Dan Fitzgerald
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David T

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Yes, they also own; Krug, Chateau d’Yquem, Dom Perigon, Moët & Chandon, Cloudy Bay, Ardbeg, Hennessy, Newton, Ruinart & Veuve Clicquot. The parent company is LVMH. The also own Louis Vuitton & Christian Dior and boat load of other companies. One of the richest companies in the world.


Beton Sauvignon Blanc 2017

A wonderful domestic Sauv Blanc. It brings all the acidity, citrus, and minerality you want from the grape but the juice spends a full year in giant concrete eggs which allows it to sit on the lees as they constantly stir due to the shape of the vessel. This provides the wine with a pleasing hint creaminess while using absolutely no oak. — 2 days ago

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Wines of Substance, LLC

Sb Vineyard Collection Sunset Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Ron R

Purchased this because I was nudged by @H.B Treadway, and all the ratings hype.
Citrus and zesty nose. On the palate, it certainly reminds me of it’s French counterpart. Not sure if this wine sees oak - it’s not perceptible. Stones and rocks combine with crisp white fruits. It’s a well made wine, but not in the style that we prefer. Jayson SB is a similar price, but is far better (more tropical and open-knit). If you like your SB’’s taught, and tilting to the dry side, this may be for you.
— 10 days ago

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Ron R

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Actually, I need to correct my text. Jayson is $8 more, and as a percentage, it’s a big difference. I prefer to spend the $23 on Jayson, and consume what I consider to be a polished SB.
H.B Treadway

H.B Treadway

Had to pay $29.00, but like you said, all depends on what you like🤷🏼‍♂️
Hugh O'Riordan

Hugh O'Riordan

Good stastical analytics


Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Without a doubt, this was the best time to drink this wine. A very tropical nose, with hints of mango and melon and candied walnut. The entry did not seem to have as much citrus influence as the nose did. However, this wine has not lost very much despite the 2014 label might suggest. This was surprisingly crisp. More to the mango and honeydew side. I had mentioned a tart note at the last entry, which was all but gone this time around. LOTS of floaters in the bottle. Finished very strong, and actually wishing I had a few more of these, as I don't really see this one going anywhere for the next two or three years. Solid bottle. Outdid a Bevan labeled 2014 that it was enjoyed right beside which already has lost a step IMO. — 3 days ago

Bradley Davis
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Shay A

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Hate that they no longer make this.


blanc d'hiver Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Vintage 2018 / beautiful balanced sauvignon blanc with a tiny sweet impression that makes it perfect for Oriental cuisine. Paired with kingfish with ice from chili / at restaurant O&O Sint Willibrord — 3 days ago

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Ferme de la Sansonnière (Mark Angeli)

La Lune Anjou Chenin Blanc 2017

After having the La Montagne from Bonnezeaux a couple of weeks back and the 2 producers being highly recommended I was expecting a similar taste profile. Not so! This was a bit more of the sweet style of chenin, not over the top and with a short finish that keeps if refreshing. I personally like the dry high acidity type of Loire Chenin. — 2 days ago

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Division Winemaking Company

Division Villages L'Isle Verte Chenin Blanc

Old Chenin Blanc vines in Washington State produce world class high-acid unoaked white wines....and are cheap. Amazing food wines, electric acidity, dominated by zippy citrus notes of lemon, lime, yuzu. So much more interesting than either Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc. — 5 days ago

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