Carneros, North Coast


Larry Hyde & Sons Chardonnay 2013

Shay A

Weekly Wednesday Wine Committee lunch...always such a treat to attend. This week, Dan hosted. 1 sparkler, 3 whites, 4 reds and 1 dessert wine. All blind as usual.

These Carneros chards from Aubert always throw me for a loop. I pegged this as a west coast Chardonnay, but thought it was a Kistler. Very sharp mineral notes and acid...very different than Aubert’s other chards. I’ve not had the Hudson which is similar. This started off sweeter than expected and really transformed in the glass to show more floral/honeyed cashews that led me to west coast Chardonnay.
— 20 hours ago

Dan FitzgeraldWeston Eidson
with Dan and Weston
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Paul Hobbs

Hyde Vineyard Pinot Noir 2016

Beautiful sour cherries spices notes elegance and soft perfect balance . Velvety. — 8 days ago

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Eric Bass

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One of my all time vineyards and producers!!


Estate Grown Carneros Pinot Noir 2013

Powerhouse PN. Super complex, shows a sweet side on the nose. Layers upon layers of fruit and wet moss. Red peppercorn finish. Excellent — 14 days ago

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John Blackmon

John Blackmon

Love Donum. Some of the best PN in the valley. Their West Slope is incredibly. I miss their East Slope bottling - they’re currently replanting that vineyard.
Ron R

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This sounds great, Shawn! I’m taking your tips to da bank! 🙂


I’ll trust @Shawn R as well!

Domaine Carneros (Taittinger)

Late Disgorged Brut Chardonnay Blend 2011

Usually not a fan of Dom. Carneros (due to excessive CO2 in current/early releases) their Late Disgorged stuff has my attention.

— 5 days ago

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Pine Ridge Vineyards

Dijon Clones Carneros Chardonnay 2014

What do I know? But for the $ this chard is yummy. Full body with medium acid. Grapefruit lemon and delicious. — 5 days ago

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David T

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Isn’t that all you really need to know?
Ron R

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Jody 🙂

Kazmer and Blaise

Primo's Hill Pinot Noir 2010

Coravined. Fresh fruit. Coravined from 1.5 years ago. Like I just opened it. — 8 days ago

Judy Williams
with Judy
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Quivet Cellars

Las Madres Vineyard Hulda Block Syrah 2015

Started out a bit hot, but came together after a 2+ hour decant. Solid, but behind the myriad whole cluster las Madres for me. — 14 days ago

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I think I have more of this. I’ll have to compare!
Brandon Thurber

Brandon Thurber

Would be willing to bet we’re on the same page here....

Horse & Plow

The Gardener Carneros Pinot Noir 2015

Erik Helms

Summertime strawberry patch nose, cherry cola, baking spice palate. Nice cherry pie + Carneros smoke complexity to this one too. — 6 days ago

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Hudson Vineyards

Carneros Chardonnay 2013

Delicious as always and also in a beautiful drinking window at the moment. The acidity has calmed down enabling the fruit to shine. Crisp, but with a very silky texture. Flavors of lemon, almond and wet stone blend perfectly together. Very nice. — 13 days ago

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Mike R

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I only got through two bottles so if you did three you win lol @Bill Bender @Carl Fischer
Carl Fischer

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@Mike R - despite my best intentions, I called it quits after two. And I woke up pleased about it!

Ram's Gate Winery

Hyde Vineyard Syrah 2013

I think Bourdain would approve of this fabulously rich, yet unpretentious wonderfully pleasing Syrah — 12 days ago

Rosita Loftesnes
with Rosita
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