California Syrah

Heath Vineyards

Willow Creek District Syrah 2015

Shay A

Monthly WTF group recap. Theme this month was “bring something special”. Normally we taste all of the wines blind, but we decided to do a relaxed night with amazing wines at a great restaurant. Spectacular evening!

This is my first time with this producer, so I don’t know their typical style. I found this to be very soft with a sweet baked fruit profile...hardly any acidity. Loads of blueberry fig, graham cracker, milk chocolate and candied red, blue and black fruit pie. Hedonistic in style. Thanks
@Steve Bolger .
— 8 days ago

Michael RaridenSteve BolgerAndrew Heffley
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Zio Tony Ranch "Gianna Marie" Syrah 2013

Shay A

I’m finding more and more appreciation for Martinelli’s Syrahs. This is obviously young, and it only spent about 30mins in the decanter before I poured my first glass. Royal purple in the glass. Wonderful aromatics of savory and herbal spices...charcoal embers with bacon fat, accompanied by currant and underripe blackberries. Lifted acidity on the palate giving the profile of this wine the ability to wear its almost 15% ABV well. Dusty dark fruits alongside bayleaf, and pepper dusted cedar. Hold. — 13 days ago

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Herman Story

Nuts & Bolts California Syrah 2016

Rich and full bodied completely integrated tannins for this new world Syrah. Low acidity and and higher alcohol levels lead to and incredible experience — 14 days ago

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Quivet Cellars

Kenefick Ranch Syrah 2016

Kirk F

Intoxicating. A slathering of complex dark fruits, like a thick layer of jam over hot buttered toast. 30 second finish+. Loved it. — 12 days ago

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Napa Valley Syrah 2005

Have had the 2006 previously, so tried the 2005. Opened 4 hours prior and still needed air. Aromas of summer sausage threw me a bit. That blew off to show cranberry, Smoked meat and dark chocolate. Blackberry finish. — 6 days ago

Chad Anderson
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David T

David T Influencer Badge

@Kimberly Anderson I have long been curious about their Syrahs. However, for the money, not many give them the rating their pricing would warrant. Was the 06 much better?


Griffin's Lair Sonoma Coast Syrah 2012

Nose pops out of glass. Sensuous mouth feel with lively red fruit. Higher alcohol and medium acidity. Drinking very well in its prime. Pax making great juice. — a day ago

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Jonathan Wall

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Super good! Love this stuff... I’m going downstairs to grab one now.
Scott Soren

Scott Soren

Cheers. Love pax. Love original pax more. But if you like Syrah , they are top notch Cheers

Pax Mahle Wines

Sonoma-Hillsides Syrah 2017

Floral, peppery, red-fruited and great acidity. Not quite up to the ‘16, but still very nice. I see K&L has these on sale at $35, which is a steal — 12 days ago

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Enfield Wine Co.

Haynes Vineyard Syrah 2014

That’s sausage and peppers in the background. And onions. And shallots. And mushrooms. I had some zucchini too, gotta throw that in there. I had a croissant as well. That’s what 70 miles on a bike will do to your appetite. — 5 days ago

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Campana Ranch

Fountaingrove Syrah 2014

Deep inky in color with a short reddish rim.

Fruity nose of blackberries blueberries, cherries, licorice, oak, vanilla, wildflowers, spices, licorice, cloves, black pepper, chocolates and coffee.

Full bodied and bold with medium acidity and nice legs.

Dry and fruity on the palate with blackberries, plums, black cherries, oak, vanilla, licorice, spices, chocolates, tobacco, mocha, coke, light earth and peppercorn.

Spicy finish with fine tannins and tangy raspberries.

This is a great California Syrah. Drinking very nicely now, with lots of black fruits and spices.

Showing nice complexity with a great mouthfeel. Well balanced, bold and rich.

Needs 90 minutes to open up properly and bring out the complexity.

Peaking now and will continue to drink nicely in the next few years.

13.9% alcohol by volume.

91 points.

— 16 days ago

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Lillian Winery

Gold Series No. 1 Syrah 2011

Shay A

It was a treat to have @Bryan Kesting back in town. We both share an affinity for Lillian wines and when I told him I’d never had their Gold Series Syrah, he kindly brought an older bottle.

This is right up my alley! Cool vintage Syrah from a stellar winemaker. Everything about this is SQN like. Braised beef and bacon with mulberry and herbal sage/oregano aromatics. Nimble and savory on the palate. Peppercorn dusted rhubarb and black cherries. These wines have a way of magically being both spicy and savory while also balanced with fruit that I just am so impressed by. Thanks Bryan!
— 20 days ago

Weston EidsonMark FlesherBryan Kesting
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Shay A

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@Mark Flesher : I didn’t get any iron/blood or that typical “The Rocks district” funk for it to fall in to the Cayuse style camp. But it was certainly savory!
Mark Flesher

Mark Flesher

It was pretty funky!!
Bryan Kesting

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@Shay A @Mark Flesher @Dan Fitzgerald I appreciate you letting me join you. It’s always a great time with the wine crew in FW. A lot of terrific wines on the table!