Côtes Du Rhône, Southern Rhône

Château Rayas

Château de Fonsalette Réservé Côtes du Rhône Red Rhône Blend 2008

Whenever we can find it, this is our March “anniversary” (of our first date) wine. First one was the ‘83 in 1987.

This ‘08 is on the decline but it still unmistakably a Reynaud Grenache. Spicy, earthy, iron-y, fragrant, powerful and elegant. I wish the importer would make more recent vintages available. We’re all cheated because it’s not. I had to shell out well over $100 to get this retail, clearly through a secondary market. Still, we’re happy to have it!
— 10 days ago

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Daniel Maquin

Daniel Maquin

I have a 2004 waiting in my cellar and your tasting report makes me consider opening it soon... I hope it is not too late as I am anticipating this with high expectations.

Terres d'Avignon

Selected By Kermit Lynch Côtes du Rhône Red Rhone Blend

Had at airport wine bar. Pretty damn good. I bet it’s really cheap too. — 10 days ago

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Delas Frères

Saint-Esprit Côtes du Rhône Red Rhone Blend 2016

Nice BBQ wine. Bright red fruits with a little acidity. A little bit of dust. Starts off with some of that southern Rhone funk you get from some wines, it goes away with a little airing out to reveal more white pepper in the back. — 10 days ago

Les Vignerons d'Estézargues

Rive Droite Rive Gauche Côtes du Rhône Red Rhone Blend

White peppered dried berries, a very interesting nose indeed.

Fresh, bright fruit - think ripe plum, tart blueberry, mint. That white pepper crept back in just before the sweet tart acidic tannin and stony finish.
— 11 days ago

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Sounds delicious! Enjoy your weekend!🍷

Nicolas Renaud (Le Clos des Grillons)

Les Terres Blanches Vieilles Vignes Red Rhone Blend 2016

We went through a bit a phase with this producer the past couple of weeks. It’s great to try the different cuvées in succession while they remain fresh in your memory. This one is made for the long run with great structure. Lots of black fruit backed by a bit of spice. 80% Grenache and 20% Carignan/Cinsault. — 20 days ago

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Domaine de la Janasse

Réserve Côtes du Rhône Red Rhône Blend 2015

As a bit of background, I'll typically reach for a Pinot Noir on most nights. But, I've been trying some Rhone wines lately and really enjoying them. This is a great example. Really well balanced. 55% Grenache, 25% Syrah, 10% Carignan and 5% each of Mourve'dre and Cinsault. — 4 days ago

Château de Saint-Cosme

Côtes du Rhône White Rhone Blend 2017

Cherries and bell pepper w a touch of white pepper. Maybe some black cured olive? — 16 days ago

Heather DillawayJonathan Brater
with Heather and Jonathan
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Jonathan Brater

Jonathan Brater

Black cherry, red pepper

Domaine du Coulet (Matthieu Barret)

Petit Ours Gris Côtes du Rhône Syrah Grenache Blend 2017

Fresh yet spicy. Not as much funk as I would have expected. Would be a good red to kick off a spring/summer lunch with. — 7 days ago

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La Ferme du Mont

Côtes Capelan Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend 2011

I have one each of the 2010 and 2011 vintage. And, I will say that the 2011 vs 2010 comparison in CDP seems to be rather similar to Napa 2011 vs 2012/2010 when it comes to style. There is something very charming about these '11 CDP wines from well known producers. Where is the 2010 are extremely dark, punchy, full throttle, these 2011's are definitely lighter. Nose of iodine, plum, black cherry. Entry is sweet, dark figs for a second, and then turns into a lighter black cherry and cigar, hint of iodine, hint of bacon fat. Middle is plum, cola, earth. Finishes with quite a bit of acidity. Black pepper, plum, oregano, basil. Really intriguing wine. Wish I had more!! IMO this is a hold or drink wine. I actually do still expect this one to improve quite a bit in the bottle. — 13 days ago

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Le Clos du Caillou / Domaine du Caillou

Cuvée Unique Vieilles Vignes Côtes du Rhône Red Rhone Blend 2016

I always love this cuvée. Remarkably supple and lithe in contrast with its force and depth. Silky tannin structure and succulent red fruit, refreshing minerality. Always a pleasure and a superb value. — 18 days ago

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