Badischer Landwein


Landwein Riesling 2018

Shy, muted nose, flirting between the naturalistic and the classical.
Bruised apple, baked lemon, hay, meadow flowers.
The magic happens on the palate. Slightly richer mouthfeel balanced by racy, zippy, bright acidity. There’s a hint of tannins, brilliant energy & tension, and a core of minerality underneath the the shy apples, apricots & lemons.
This doesn’t taste like a Riesling at first, yet deep inside it has some cues.
At 11.5% this is brilliantly drinkable!
Only downside - bloody difficult to get & it ain’t cheap.
— a month ago

Weingut Beurer

Trocken Spätburgunder Blend Rosé 2020

@Delectable this is actually the schwabischer landwein trocken rose’. Tastes like strawberries, red raspberrries, and summer. 😎 Delicious. — 5 months ago

Heather Dillaway
with Heather
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Severn Goodwin

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The color is crazy for 2020.
Jason Brater

Jason Brater

@Severn Goodwin youre gonna love it. Best as it comes up towards room temp. Absolutely delicious on a hot day.
Severn Goodwin

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@Jason Brater Gotta get to the '18 mags first, then work my way up, although may pop a '20 later this Summer.

Jonas Dostert

Landwein Mosel Spätburgunder 2019

Smells creamy like yogurt. Tastes like lemon curd, honey suckle, pear. Bright and acidic — 4 months ago


Landwein Spätburgunder 2018

Light, elegant, very floral, clean and filled with bright fruit though lacks some concentration. All around very good effort. — 4 months ago

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Badischer Winzerkeller

Die Sonnenwinzer Jahrgangs Edition Spätburgunder Trocken 2018

Tart cherry, tree bark, and hibiscus tea on the nose, leading to a wonderfully sweet and refreshing palate of strawberry, forest floor, and fresh herbs. The finish is lingering and pleasant, mild tannins offsetting the sweet, aromatic Pinot. Spätburgunder for the win, always. — 8 months ago

Martin Otto Wörner

WEIß MARTO Rheinischer Landwein Müller-Thurgau Riesling

GORGEOUS! Stone fruit, not too sweet - slightly tart. Perfumes the mouth and lingers. Just lovely — 4 months ago


Landwein Weissburgunder 2016

So lovely. Opened for a few days and it just over delivers. Lots of crunchy rocks and ample acids. — 5 months ago

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Martin Otto Wörner

Marto Rheinischer Landwein Riesling 2018

Bracing acidity and a good layer of funk. Atypical Riesling but super fun. — 8 months ago

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Badischer Landwein Chasselas 2016

Überraschung: 2016er echt gut in Form, leichter und leckerer Sommerwein. — 2 years ago