Labyrinth Vineyard Pinot Noir 2014

This bottling was on fire 🔥 so good. Need to revisit Autuer soon. — 3 months ago

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Russian River Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2021

Cathy Corison

Bright, tart, melony. No green. — 7 months ago

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Beltane Ranch Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2021

Think this is different as identified. Russian River valley. Very good. Lean. Mandarin, lemongrass, mineral. — 9 months ago

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Gap's Crown Vineyard Pinot Noir 2019

The emergence of Crown Gap is showing up in great Pinots throughout Sonoma. And this is one to know. — 2 years ago

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Antoine Becheras

Météiore Saint Joseph Syrah 2019

Meteore Antoine becheras.

Close to darras 2 barrels. 50 yo wine. New guy. 42 yo. Amateur. A true auteur. Trying to make great wines.

Botlltled 1 month ago.

Charlie believes in.

Greek says old style wines with new technique.

N: mere hint brett. Blows off. Blackberry. Blackberry flower.
P closed. Linear. Tight. Cranberry. As opens elegant. Spice. Cherry. Grippy. Wild blackberry. Fantastic. Laser like.

Needs 2 years. Or 4 hours. Yes. 4.
4 hours in. Nose is great.

P very clean wild blackberry.

Super atypical. Acid forward.
— 3 months ago

Markus Molitor

Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spätlese Riesling 2018

Molitor has intensions for crazy tension. Vibrations 1000 beats a second, floats in place like a hummingbird. Auteur in that you really can't imagine this could happen by accident.

There's an elegant element from first nasal prick onward. Finger limes, clementine, lemon confections, gasoline, and flint reaching way up back. Level 8 acid hides a dose of sweet. Flavors that remind me of sugar coated grapefruit halves drizzled in honey - they go on and on and on.
— 8 months ago

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Lyle Fass

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the real deal


Fahrenheit 451 Syrah 2020

Magnifiques Syrah nature Languedocienne.
Nez exubérant, concentré, fleurs, fruits noirs, fruits rouges, cacao, poivre , épices. Bouche juteuse, aérienne. Style sudiste avec beaucoup de finesse et de la profondeur. Finale fine et persistante. Très beau vin d’auteur.

Magnificent Languedocian nature Syrah. Exuberant nose, concentrate, flowers, black fruits, red fruits, cocoa, pepper, spices. Juicy, airy mouth. Southern style with a lot of finesse and depth. Fine and persistent finish. Auteur wine.
— a year ago

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Daniel M

Daniel M

Tu bois des vins du futur Romain !
Romain Fitoussi

Romain Fitoussi

Non mais celui là, il te plairait c’est sur !


Durell Vineyard Chardonnay 2019

Drank at 1417 French Bistro with T. We’ll balanced, with a surprising amount of body and oak for a Sonoma Chardonnay. — 6 months ago

Tiva Feltman
with Tiva
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Hyde Vineyard Chardonnay 2012

HQPR. 10 years strong but would say at peak or coming off. Enjoy. — 8 months ago


Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2018

Same comments as before. Tart black cherry, plum, pomegranate, mushrooms, little bit of dark fruit coming through. Bit of sour, a bit dank. Dense, drinking well on open. Well blended tannins and acidity. — 9 months ago

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