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Subliminal Santa Barbara County Cabernet Sauvignon

Light, easy drinking cab. Perfect table wine. — a month ago

Domaine de la Tour du Bon

Bandol Mourvedre Blend 2014

I’ve never had a wine that changed so dramatically with each sip. This does. Give it air, decant the hell out of it, just know the bass notes will deepen and amplify. Beautiful. — a year ago

Owen Mazon
with Owen
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Pink Flag Rosé of Counoise 2016

Weird. Funky. Saline. Wonderful. Hands down my favorite American rosé. I only want to drink this wine right now. — 3 years ago

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Weingut A.J. Adam

In der Sängerei Riesling 2015

Sits in my sweet spot. Sugar to amplify the honeyed notes and acid to quench thirst. So so good. Everything.

Singed honey and petrol, pumpkin guts, sweet naval orange.
— 6 months ago

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Santa Ynez Valley Merlot 2016

I like it. Does not taste like the merlot my mom drinks. — 2 years ago

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Duke & Ella Santa Barbara County Muscat Viognier

Viognier coming through strong. — 6 months ago

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Santa Ynez Valley Garnacha Blanca

Grippy, citrus, a touch of orchard fruit. Delicious and easy. — 9 months ago

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Lightworks Volume I Santa Ynez Valley Red Wine

Merlot made in a Solera system. Incredibly juicy and a little bit nutty. Really fun style of Merlot! — a year ago

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Zaca Mesa Vineyard Viognier 2014

Great aromatics, fantastic value. — 3 years ago