A Tribute To Grace Wines

A Tribute to Grace Wines

Santa Barbara Highlands Rosé of Grenache 2020

I thought it was much better than Wine Enthusiasts 93 point review - “like licking stones and seashells.” I’ll stick to drinking this rose instead. — 10 days ago

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Stonestreet Winery

Rockfall Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Yeah. I’m into this. Take some old oak twigs, put it in a blender with squeezed tobacco juice and a blackberry tart, and sip on this like a smoothie for days. Its powerful, rugged and hard, but with a soft side that it doesn’t want you to see. When you can break it, it gives you everything you want with elegance and grace. — 11 days ago

Jillian Varner
with Jillian

A Tribute to Grace Wines

Blanc de Noir 2017

So good it didn’t last long. Crisp stone fruits. Some floral notes too. Only bottle means it’ll soon be time for another visit to Los Alamos. — 2 months ago

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WC Fields

WC Fields

Where you at @Anthony Lombardi ? 😎😉

A Tribute to Grace Wines

Hofer Vineyard Grenache 2020

I finally found a delicious grenache rose for summer. I just hope my wine shop can keep it in stock! — 2 months ago


La Petite Grace Monterey Pinot Noir 2015

Introduction on the nose is rich and enticing. The mouth is very dry with a subtle bright spot. The flavors are rich smooth and just light enough to stay true to Pinot Noir. Some noticeable tannins remain though nothing harsh. A slightly bitter finish takes away from an extraordinary rating. The glass is a pleasing accompaniment to a relaxing evening. — 12 days ago

Winzerhof Thörle

Hölle Spätburgunder 2018

Lyle Fass

Finally I get to taste the legendary 18. Been waiting for this day for almost a year. It does not disappoint. Nose is slightly muted but has stunning florals. Violets and mid season cherries. Really ethereal. Stunning earth and minerals. Just sick. Such clarity, detail and vividness. A nose one cannot stop smelling. Smells like elite 1er Cru Red Burgundy. Like VR or CM. Maybe a NSG near VR. This is the creme de la creme. My goodness this is a benchmark German Pinot. Wow. This is even better, albeit young on the palate. Sweet like you cannot believe and unreal power, depth and concentration. Such power but also grace. This is super refined and also has substantial structure and length. Wow the length. Nose gets so complex after 10 minutes or so. Just insane. Herbal, forest, wild flowers. Sickness. There are so many elements here it’s hard to describe. The sweetness on the palate is crazy. But it’s backed up by unreal minerality and earthiness. While this is obviously young this is the greatest young Thorle Pinot I’ve ever had. Just stunning.

Closes up with air and structure becomes more prominent but just massive power, depth and concentration.
— 11 days ago

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A Tribute to Grace Wines

Santa Barbara County Grenache 2018

Lovely. Maybe $30 from Vanderbilt? — 11 days ago

A Tribute to Grace Wines

Vie Caprice Vineyard Grenache 2018

I love this lighter weight, more aromatic Grenache. Well worth a look. — 21 days ago


Hill of Grace Vineyard Shiraz 1998

A Mother’s Day treat last Sunday with Roast Lamb. An initial aroma of H2S which I sometimes get with Henschke reds. Took a while to blow off. Some Animale and vegetal notes amongst the raspberry, earth and spice. After a few hours aromas of ground coffee. However the wonderful supple palate overwhelmed any negativity from the nose. Sweet and earthy with those liquid velvet tannins - a product of ancient vines, the oldest of which are 160 years old. An inner core which will carry this through to the 2030s. I decided to open this as the exceptional 2016 has just been released for sale at the princely sum of $890AUD. I won’t be buying at that price but I’m sure they will sell the lot with or without the Chinese market. — a month ago

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Epic wine - beautiful, historic vineyard
Bob McDonald

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Absolutely. Will go there one day and go to the Church.
Ron R

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