The Cooper's Art

Leeuwin Estate

Art Series Margaret River Chardonnay 2014

I have a hard time believing that you can pull this much weight from Chardonnay and still have a significant acidic backbone without having added exogenous acid to the mix...otherwise very good — 18 days ago

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Bob McDonald

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Has been an excellent Chardonnay for a long time in Australia and does cellar. I have had excellent examples over 10+ years of age. Usually in the fuller bodied peaches and cream style with a dried pear character. I would have thought natural acidity.
Bob McDonald

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Also 2014 was a very good vintage in Margaret River as will 2018 when released.

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@Bob McDonald thanks Bob i will surely keep my eye out actually not easy to find it here in Quebec. As for the acidity it is just my own hypothesis i have never seen this level of weight and acidity co-exist in a white before so just surprised

Champagne Collet

Brut Art Deco Chardonnay Blend

A pale lemon color in the glass with a plethora of fine, tiny bubbles. Floral aromatics attack on the nose with white flowers and very subtle gardenias. The citrusy notes come in waves with fresh peeled limes and lemons. Crisp apples and toasted nuts abound. The traditional bread notes come later but are simply fantastic.

Cream all over this. A fine mousse in the mouth and silky on the tongue. Crisp fruit and outstanding balance at this price point. More acid than expected but nice structure going on here. This is such a clean and bright champagne. It doesn’t let you see any flaws, they’re all covered up.

The brioche bread really stands out on the palate along with some smoke and pineapple. More citrus fruit comes to play in the form of quince fruit and peaches. Long, effervescent finish with more baked bread and nuts. Perfect for so many occasions, this is a fun one.
— a month ago

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Art + Science

Petillant Naturel

Art+science mutualism. 25% sauv blanc and 75% pears. Really interesting cider/wine. Tons of funk on the nose, definite Brett, with some lemongrass, sea salt. Palate is funky! The pears seem to be in the background a bit but there’s definitely a sweetness from them. A lot of barnyard, hay, grass as well. Very interesting. Probably not for most people. — 10 days ago

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Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant

Resilience Red

Decent red blend. More on the slightly tart side. — a month ago

Cooper's Hawk Winery

Hartwick Vineyard Mokelumne River Orange Muscat

Picked up 5/2020
Guilty of liking this.
— a month ago

Shangri-La Winery

Blackenbrook Art Series Pinot Noir 2018

ジューシー、ジュースみたい — 10 days ago

Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant

Camille Proud Merlot Blend

Dark fruit flavors, easy on the tongue — 15 days ago

L.A.S Vino

Franco Margaret River Cabernet Franc 2018

Sexiest bottle full of Cab Franc love. Recently had the 2013 and oh so divine. Luck Art Science. — 19 days ago

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