Atlas Wines

429º Clare Valley Shiraz 2016

Didn’t take notes as I thought I already had a Delectable note on this Atlas but I noticed previous note was 2013 and this wine was 2016. Not dissimilar to the previous with Black currant and a little Clare Valley menthol/eucalyptus. A full bodied palate with black fruits and chocolate - softening tannins and medium minus acid. An excellent red for the money. — 6 days ago

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The Standish Wine Company

Single Vineyard Barossa Valley Shiraz 2006

David T

If you have not had this producer of Shiraz from Barossa, you are missing out on some special wines from very old vines. In the case of “The Relic” 100 year old vines. We walked the Standish Estate vines w/ Dan in April 2017. They yield a paltry 500 pounds of fruit per acre. Normally, very high quality wine are around 2,00-2,500 pounds of fruit per acre. So, his wines are from small concentrated berries.

You won’t find his wines in the US except on the secondary markets. He doesn’t have or need a US importer as he sells everything he makes through his mailing list. However, worth seeking out. Also, his wines need to age and you can find them this old. I have numerous times.

Dan started out in Barossa and then gathered much of winemaking knowledge working his way through Europe for several producers and a majority of them in France.

When he returned to Australia, he became the Winemaker at Torbreck before starting “The Standish Wine Company.”

I’ve posted several of his wines with detailed notes and will let them speak here. Cheers!

— 18 days ago

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Pretty good post for a broken thumb, using voice recognition really helps on the typing.
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@Severn Goodwin My Hal 9000 was most helpful. Then, we played a game of chess.

Laughing Jack

Moppa Hill Block 6 Shiraz 2012

Big and inky Barossa heaps of fruit and oak but not overpowering like some from the region. Had 2012 in 2021 but would not lose anything with another 5-10 years careful cellaring. — 5 days ago


Bin No 1 Great Western Shiraz 2013

An opaque dark crimson in colour. Herbaceous on the nose with Mint, spice and plum - earthy mineral nuances as well. Medium to full bodied palate with plum and mint, essentially savoury, a touch of black pepper - still with firm tannins. From a very old pedigreed area for long living Shiraz in Great Western in Victoria. Good value and QPR at $25 AUD from Bests. I have Bin 0 and Thompson’s Family Cuvées that are older than this but not nearly ready. — 13 days ago

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Golden Grape Estate

Murder Of Crows Shiraz 2020

Went to a wine tasting last night and this was my favorite ! It is so full of fruit that the high alcohol content didn’t even matter. Paired great with an excellent steak. — 12 days ago

Julie Vowinkel
with Julie
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Dawn E.

Dawn E.

@Sharon B sounds yummy!


Grange South Australia Shiraz 1999

Deep purple hue, I think we caught this bottle too young despite me owning since release. — 7 days ago

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Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz 2018

I can only imagine that the expert reviews are lower because they don’t like the big jammy fruit bombs. But if you do this is an amazing wine. Huge and beautiful. — 4 days ago

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G.A.M. McLaren Vale Shiraz 2004

Sweet sandalwood, prunes, teriyaki beef, roasted pecans.
This wine has just started its descent. So drink it. ASAP.
— 6 days ago

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Grange Bin 95 Shiraz 2004

Nice balance and grip. It seemed a bit more muted but had undeniable weight and substance. Excellent pairing with pepper crusted filet mignon. Cork completely fell apart on me but the wine survived! — 13 days ago

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Foggo Wines

Hubertus Reserve McLaren Vale Shiraz 2003

Surprise. Eculyptus nose. Good old vine but cannot decant too long as it wil break down — 14 days ago

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Steven Lee

Steven Lee

Suprising good. Eculyptus nose. Bit cannot decant too long as it will break down.