Rochette & Chapoutier

M. Chapoutier

La Bernardine Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend 2016

It's not necessarily the wine I'd prefer to drink, but the 2016 La Bernadine was certainly aptly placed (by Chapoutier) as the "better" wine in our impromptu Chapoutier study. Compared to the 2017 La Ciboise, this was more concentrated, primary, and persistent. It's a fruit bomb on both the nose and palate, mixing red and black fruits, and a discernable candied sweetness in the back of the palate. Spices, dried herbs, and musk sit nicely in the background. I feel the acidity and plush tannins helps mask the whooping 15% abv. Finishes long and sweet, with a interesting hint of orange rind-like bitterness. The quality is undeniable, but it's not a wine I'd care for. — a month ago

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“impromptu Chapoutier study”

M. Chapoutier

Les Coufis Viognier 1996

FINALLY turning the Corner and some secondary elements emerging like an aged Sauterne, dried apricots, nuts but still very restrained sweetness . . pairs well with the cheeses, Marcona almonds , prosciutto . . will try again tomorrow with some Foir Gras torchon . . — 18 days ago

M. Chapoutier

Chante - Alouette Hermitage Blanc Marsanne 2012

Honey, deep gold, dry apricot and dry, orange, low acidity, full body. Long finish — a month ago

M. Chapoutier

La Ciboise Luberon Red Grenache-Syrah Blend 2017

Nice to have this impromptu Chapoutier study during a casual night out with friends. Expectedly, Chapoutier orders their wines pretty well. The "lesser" of the two was certainly lighter and simpler, but one I'd happily grab for over the other when looking for a mid-week drink, and perhaps aptly priced for doing so too. Brambly, peppery, herby aromas lead a bold blue-fruited and spicy palate. The flavours are ripe, yet remains juicy enough courtesy of well-judged acidity and hints of mineral goodness. Chalky tannins and a medium finish. A proper southern Rhone, so can't complain. — a month ago

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M. Chapoutier

"Les Granits" Saint Joseph Syrah 2003

Nice and mellow. The tannins have eased. Really nice with wagyu beef. — 2 days ago

M. Chapoutier

"La Mordorée" Côte-Rôtie Syrah 1990

Everything you want from a 30-year-old. Complexity, celebration, intelligence and a whole lot of tanins — a month ago

M. Chapoutier

Les Granits Blanc Saint-Joseph Marsanne Roussanne 2010

Straw yellow. Mellow fruity nose, sweet lemon. Full bodied mature palette, velvety, butter, still fresh and uplifting acidity. Excellent. — 2 days ago

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M. Chapoutier

De l'Orée Ermitage Blanc Marsanne 1999

Rich, concentrated and complex. Acidity not surprisingly is a bit low, for me, but not at all flabby. Alcohol is also detectable, but not off putting. Liquid rocks, roasted hazelnuts, caramelized apples and honeysuckle. Viscous and creamy texture and a persistent finish. Old white Rhône is always a fun wine experience. — 22 days ago

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Domaine Terlato & Chapoutier

Lieu Dit Malakoff Pyrenees Shiraz 2010

Plum aroma and dark cherry and tobacco accents, strong tannins, pairs well with lamb. — 14 days ago

M. Chapoutier

Belleruche Côtes-du-Rhône White Rhone Blend

Screw top, Rhone blend. <$20. Initially I was a thumbs down but it's good chilled and may be the ideal second glass wine — a month ago