R. & L. Legras

Bodegas Muga

Selección Especial Rioja Tempranillo 2016

Mike R

Ok it is finally here - the wine nerd herd 5 year reunion has started - in 2016 - the herd met in NYC - there were amazing bonds and friendships developed and are intact to this day and growing 
Initially there was @Carl Fischer @Ron R @Joe Lucca @David L as well as myself @Mike R and one other who had such a blast we have decided to this get together as a herd frequently and for most part we have been United and strong even doing zoom tastings whenever 
Not long after the initial conclave in 2016 we traveled and expanded to include @Bill Bender @Shawn R @Eric L and our newest and a true foundation of youth and knowledge @Shay A and we have been to Palm Beach, Raleigh, San Diego, San Antonio, Des Moines, Paso Robles and now back to the starting place - NYC - 5 years later 
Get ready New York as the herd is running hard and with purpose in the city that never sleeps 
The picture / posting are two tune up tastings last Saturday with locals in Raleigh as I need practice a) red wines below 50 and b) red wines above 100
Standout to me was the Muga in the less than 50 and in the over 100 - all were good but Paul Hobbs, myriad, switchback ridge, Pulido walker
Of course the krug and aubert were good but maybe not able to keep up 
The carnival of love and Don Melchor were delicious as well but were not equivalent to the Napa cabs that are all world class vineyards and winemakers 
Again I say all this to say training is over and let the games begin in NYC as we have landed 
Thank you @Ron R and @Carl Fischer for hosting the herd and I am stoked 
Bam 💥🐂❤️🍷
— 10 months ago

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Deborah M

Deborah M

Can’t wait to see what the Herd drinks this time. Enjoy!!

vinokeeno Premium Badge

Pretty sure I got ambushed by you and the gang on a Cheval-Blanc bender (no participant pun intended) Insane Diego. It was a great night.
Sharon B

Sharon B Influencer Badge

Sounds like so much fun!

La Ca' Nova

Montestefano Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2013

Excellent. Approachable Nebbiolo, 2013--just enough age to make it enjoyable. Getting ready for our upcoming Italy trip! Looking for recommendations. Visiting Barolo et al and Puglia this time around.

Friends: where should we go? Who should we meet? What should we drink?

@Antonio Galloni @Bill Bender @P A @Kimberly Anderson @"Odedi" @Eric Shanks @Dr. Owen Bargreen @Ralph DiBiasi @David From The 504 @James Forsyth @David L @Mike R @Shay A @Stuart Scheff @David T
— 3 years ago

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Stuart Scheff

Stuart Scheff

@M. Christopher Roebuck I’m with @Bill Bender on Vietti. Never question Bill. I also like the suggestion of Gaja especially if it’s so close to your apartment. Cheers and have a wonderful time.
Anthony De Blasi

Anthony De Blasi

In Puglia I can recommend Gianfranco Fino in Taranto, Li Veli (former owners of Avignonesi) and Tenute Rubino in Brindisi, Agricole Vallone in Lecce and Severino Garofano in Copertino. Enjoy!
M. Christopher Roebuck

M. Christopher Roebuck Influencer Badge Premium Badge

@Anthony De Blasi Thanks much. We will track these wineries down!


Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Zoom tasting with a 2014 Napa theme with the WNH @Shay A @Mike R @Eric LaMasters @Ron R @David L @Shawn R @Carl Fischer @Joe Lucca...on 3/22...this event was non stop laughs and went a good 3 hours. Such good times. The Greer was drinking phenomenally in its youth. Gripping tannins give way to an ethereal core of black cherry, cedar and dark chocolate. It’s as close to Scarecrow in profile as any wine I’ve had. This will only get better. — 2 years ago

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@Bill Bender Bill stay safe and healthy down there.
Kimberly Anderson

Kimberly Anderson

Looks like a great time!🍷
Mo Salem

Mo Salem


Jean-Louis Chavy

Les Folatières Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Chardonnay 2016

Ron R

When you’re in the smoke (London), white burgs are front and center. @David L, @Bill Bender, @Shay A, @Mike R, @Joe Lucca, @Carl Fischer, @Eric LaMasters, and @Shawn R would wet their pants over this. Killer expression of burg. Regal, pristine and focused. Extends and expands on the palate. Head-spinning presentation - Chelsea, London. — 2 years ago

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Ryan Vento

Ryan Vento

A good ol’ pant wetter


Estate Howell Mountain Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Thanks Dave!! This got the party started on the right foot this afternoon!!
@David L Awesome gift from the one and only David 🎤 @Shawn R 😘 Merry Christmas!!!
— 4 years ago

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David L

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Funny....Need to send you more wine.


Hoffmann Dallwitz 0.354 Syrah

I was turned on to this by none other than @Greg Ballington !!! Any wine that he rates high must be a rockstar. This is definitely one of those bottles!!!
Huge dark fruit but not obscene. Integrated with oak in a well structured way. I believe
@Shay A rated this highly as well.
I’m a believer! Well done gents! rockstar bottle! In the words of the one and only
@David L .........I don’t like it........I love it!
@Shawn R 🎤
— 4 years ago

Lexi RivardChristine
with Lexi and Christine
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Shawn R

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Awesome to see this note! @Martin G Rivard @David L as I’m throwing a water bottle, i don’t like it, I love it!!!!
Martin G Rivard

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@Shawn R @David L Good times., Good Times!!
Shawn R

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I love it!


The Judge Napa Valley Chardonnay 2016

Mike R

Smiles beyond belief
Everyone should do a virtual wine tasting with the
@David L @Ron R @Shay A @Eric LaMasters @Bill Bender @joe lucca @Carl Fischer @shawn rose and me

We just did one and so much fun
My first wine of the the night was the 2016 Kongsguard the judge - off the hook good - a little early but so damn good
— 2 years ago

Joe LuccaRon RShawn R
with Joe, Ron and 3 others
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Sharon B

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How fun!!
Ron R

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Thanks so much for hosting us, Mikey. Very innovative and loads of fun!!!
Stephen Pierron

Stephen Pierron

When's the next?

R. López de Heredia

Viña Bosconia Reserva Rioja Tempranillo Blend


1968 Lopez de Heredia. HB w J&L B and J&J Koz. Wet cork broke apart, so we filtered and decanted. Still had fruit in it, though it was a bit thin in the finish. Went completely flat after abt an hour. — 3 years ago

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Domaine Huet

Le Mont Moelleux Première Trie Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2002

So this is my 2000th wine posted on Delectable and such a cool unique wine to commemorate the occasion. I think @Shawn R and @David L did an excellent job at capturing the relatively magic nature of these Chenin Blancs from Huet. The Le Mont, from the clay soils of premiere cote’ is quite amber in the glass; shows spectacular finesse and length, pronounced acidity and concentrated penetrating fruit. The absolute best Chenin I’ve ever had. — 3 years ago

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Bob McDonald

Bob McDonald Influencer Badge

@Bill Bender Congratulations Bill on the quantity and quality of your first 2000 wines as well as your drinking companions. Keep it up mate.
Kimberly Anderson

Kimberly Anderson

Woo goo! Congratulations 🍾🥂
Peter van den Besselaar

Peter van den Besselaar Influencer Badge

Congrats. Nice.

R. & L. Legras

Cuvée Présidence VV Champagne 2002

Vintage 2002 - a real treat to taste this. Gôut Anglaise with toast, wax, green apples, beautiful rondeur, vanilla #champagne #blancsdeblancs — 4 years ago

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