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Blank Stare Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Lovely nose, white orchard fruit, freshly cut herbs, On the palate typical warm-climate SB, Good freshness when served right from the fridge. Alas, the finish is slightly marred by an abundance of citrus peel bitterness and alcoholic heat (15,5% ABV...)
— 8 days ago

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Ronald Heijden

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Keep it or drink it now Jeroen?
Jeroen Koenen

Jeroen Koenen

Drink now, Ronald.

Orin Swift Cellars

Machete Petite Sirah Blend

Only cork. Only nose. Only color. Full and ripe. Red currant, black raspberry, sweet black plum, roses. Needed the steak, or the steak needed this wine!? — 19 days ago

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Orin Swift

Mercury Head Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Ok, she got me to do Orin Swift tonight. Mercury Head. A lot of fruit. A lot of structur. Mild nose with a hint of fruit. Moderate tannin, but not overbearing. Heavier weight mouth feel. Nice finish. - we did BYOB — 7 days ago

Orin Swift

Papillon Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2012

Great blend, dark fruit, and dry finishing!
Awesome dark blend!!
— 5 days ago

Celia Flores
with Celia

Orin Swift Cellars

'Abstract' Grenache Blend 2017

Forestfruit-liquour. If there is such a thing.
I thought this was tasty, yet shallow and over-extracted. Mono-lithic.
— 21 days ago

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Orin Swift

Slander California Pinot Noir

2017 Vintage — a month ago

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Orin Swift

Mannequin California Chardonnay 2015

I love this style of chardonnay — 14 days ago

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Dick Schinkel

Dick Schinkel

Me too 👌

Orin Swift

Palermo Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Silky smooth and delicious af — 8 days ago

Mike GiordanoErik Velasquez
with Mike and Erik
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Mike Giordano

Mike Giordano

Had this tonight with steak and potatoes. Excellent pairing. Smooth as silk.

Orin Swift Cellars

8 Years in the Desert *New Release* Zinfandel Blend

Good balance of fruit and tannins. A wonderful wine with both fish and beef proteins. — 14 days ago

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