Marie Pierre Manciat

Pierre et Anne- Marie Lavaysse

Le Petit Gimios Muscat Sec des Roumanis

Dan R

And now for something completely different. A clone of Muscat apparently only grown in Minervois. Like a mix of Loire SB and Aussie Riesling. Maybe. Cabbage on the nose, heading in the kim chee direction, with some floral notes, maybe daffodil. Some gooseberry. Hugely acidic on the palate, with crazy citrus energy. Lemon and lime zest maybe. Quince. Very mineral. Every sip I alternate between loving it and being horrified. We’ll go with love it, earns points for way out there-ness. — a month ago

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Domaine du Vissoux / Pierre-Marie Chermette

Griottes Beaujolais Gamay 2018

Lovely red fruit. Soft acidity. Easy to drink — 2 months ago

Domaine du Vissoux / Pierre-Marie Chermette

Coeur de Vendanges Beaujolais Gamay 2018

Served slightly chilled with pork lettuce wraps. Dark red fruit medium body really helped the pork. Glass 3 better than glass 1 — 4 months ago

Marie-Pierre Chevassu-Fassenet

Côtes du Jura Poulsard 2018

Total delight. Shimmering raspberry juice with earthy dry finish. Wonderful slightly chilled — a month ago

Domaine du Vissoux / Pierre-Marie Chermette

Poncié Fleurie Gamay 2018

Cherry. 2nd day quite tannic. Solid if not spectacular bojo — a month ago

Domaine du Vissoux / Pierre-Marie Chermette

Origine Vieilles Vignes Beaujolais 2017

Loads of character. Nose is animal, on top of some really pure, tangy fruit, and significant granite stoniness. Fruity on entry, but quickly turns intensely stony on the surprisingly long finish. Decent acids. Great value. — 3 months ago

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Pierre et Anne- Marie Lavaysse

Le Petit Rosé De Gimios

Dan R

The app lost the tasting note 🤷🏼‍♂️ . Mind bending rosé. Susucaru-esque in its purity, focus, structure. Electric.I’m floored.. — a month ago

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