Blanco Vinos de Madrid Old Vine Malvar

Bit funky on opening but settles into a nice lime note, palate has tantalizing hint of guava or cantaloupe, good acidity. Short but clean finish. Very quaffable. — a year ago


Malvar 2016

Nose of green appley crispness, fresh unripe green pear with a hint of gasonline and vanilla on the end notes. Palate of acidic fresh lemon slices, green unripe herby lemongrass, and a long yet lightly creamy finish from the lees. Purchased on my Madrid wine tour. — 4 years ago

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Kristin the Wine Girl

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I revisited this wine in March 2018 with the second bottle I purchased. Even better than the first. 9.1. I love this white. Has a banana tropical quality about the palate that I had not before detected as prominently. Lemony jasmine floral nose and very drinkable. An uplifter for the mood and spirit.

Caduceus Cellars

The Diddler White Blend

The Diddler. It definitely has a diddle in it. The first wave across the tongue is a sweet melody, floating flowers and oak, a juicy melon sweep and then an assaulting attack that is most welcome in the mid-palate. You keep coming back for more knowing exactly what’s going to occur, and yet excited when it’s the same intensity and taste. Truly a white wine I enjoy repeatedly. — 6 years ago

Marc Isart

La Maldición Malvar Valdilecha White Blend 2015

Ok my birthday. Mint and mild, but passionate. Next time we go to Spain, we need to meet the winery — 2 years ago

Guisela Inga
with Guisela
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Marc Isart

La Maldición Malvar de la olla de Marc Isart 2014

Amber in color, this newly-arrived 2014 vintage is the "orangest" iteration of this wine I've had so far. The nose is not intense, but it does begin to show interesting aromas of baked apple, apple cider, and lanolin after some air time. Savory, with more baked apple/pear flavors, and with good balance of acidity, alcohol, and a touch of tannin. Very good with food, in fact, this would work well with beef skewers (that's right) marinated with a bit of olive oil, salt, Fino or Manzanilla, and garlic, then grilled, with either black pepper or red pepper flakes sprinkled over before serving. — 5 years ago

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Marc Isart

La Maldición Vinos de Madrid Tempranillo Blend 2014

v2014. 85% Tempranillo, 15% Malvar (white grape, indigenous to Spain). I tasted this wine for the first time a few mos ago. Now I have a whole bottle of my own! *grins fiendishly, then looks around furtively* — 6 years ago

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Bodegas Jeromin

Puerta del Sol Fermentado en Barrica Malvar 2015

Vintage2015 /paired with fish en papilotte / at first sips I thought: crowdpleaser. But the wine has body and nice bitters, vannilla. Good dinerwine. — 2 years ago

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Old Vines Vinos de Madrid Malvar

Great White for the price. Smooth with a nice finish. — 3 years ago

Vinos y Aceites Laguna

Alma de Valdeguerra Malvar

Light, sweet, pleasant wine — 5 years ago

Vinos Ambiz

Amphora Malvar 2012

I like this! An orange guy that's kinda smokey, kinda herbal, but still very juicy. Has a Dr.Bronners-esque screed on the back. — 6 years ago

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