Lagunitas Brewing Company


Lyle Fass

Very hoppy. Delicious. — 12 days ago

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Seth Masterson

Seth Masterson

My baseline IPA to which to compare all others.
Lyle Fass

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@Seth Masterson I know zippo about beer but this was fantastic. good to know i’m not alone!

Moersleutel Craft Brewery

Crank The Juice Hazy IPA

@delectable it is Crank the Juice Hazy IPA 5.5% — 2 months ago

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Ithaca Beer Co.

Cousin Eddie Hazy Double IPA

Excellent! Hoppy and clean w/o bitterness or bite — 2 months ago

Cigar City Brewing

Jai Alai India Pale Ale

One of finest mass produced “ craft “ beers on the east coast.
Wonderful bitterness on a hot day.
Some sugar shack residual sweetness.
Really packs a resinous punch.
— 16 days ago

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Lawson's Finest Liquids

Sip of Sunshine IPA

☀️🌊🏄‍♂️🏖🍻🤘#MTK #DITCHPLAINS — 11 days ago

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Brent Young

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@Daron Watson Excellent IPA 🍺

Phase Three Brewing Company

DDH Bold•Er Triple India Pale Ale

Ron R

I’ll sleep well tonight. The alcohol is submerged. EXCELLENT IPA. Must get more. So sweet and layered. — a month ago

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vinokeeno Premium Badge

Oh maan, those triples…one and done!
Ron R

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@vinokeeno, 10% abv for crying out loud! Why?

Russian River Brewing Company

Pliny the Elder Double IPA

Pliny the great! Pliny the legend! Such a good slow sipper. — 15 days ago

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Legendary! Cheers!🍻

New Level Brewing

Wizard’s Revenge Strawberry Milkshake IPA

Lovely IPA- thicker body with oats and lactose.

Sweetness from real strawberries balances out hop bitterness.

•7% ABV• June 20, 2022 🧙‍♂️
— 9 days ago

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Sharon B

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Sounds very good! Cheers!


@Sharon B It was great! Cheers!🍻

Brasserie Fantôme


one of the best breweries in the world. Hands down. This is Belgian af -hazy, but not in the ipa fanboy way. Fruity banana upfront and very very dry oolong tea on the back end. — a month ago

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