Rkatsiteli Mtsvane

Beautifully funky, fruity and acidic. I didn’t order this but the waiter brought it to try. So I’m definitely going back to Piano Italian restaurant to get some more. — 8 days ago

Chona's Marani

Unfiltered Handmade Natural Dry White Mtsvane 2017

Абрикосовое варенье, бледные мандарины, айва, ароматные травы, шкурка молодого грецкого ореха, медоносы, флердоранж. Полно и увесисто, со спелой, солнечной концентрацией, спокойной, но достаточной кислотностью и ещё яркими танинами. Естественно и первично, объемно, без выпирающей спиртуозности. — a month ago

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Torcuato Huertas Tomás

Pvrvlio White Blend

Another gem from my little trip to Andalusia, #purulio does a very interesting macerated white wine. . .
🍇: blend of sauvignon blanc, macabeo, palomino, chardonnay, viognier, albarino, torrontes, jerezana and zibibbo!
🌍: town of Marchal, near Grenade, vineyard between 900 and 1200 meters
🧡: orange wine aka white macerated wine. Apparently all grapes are macerated 1 week with the skin except the zibibbo (aka muscat d’Alexandria). Native yeast, no so2 in bottles, unfine, light filtering, aged in stailess and oak.
— 23 days ago

Leah Benedetti
with Leah

Shalauri Cellars

Mtsvane 2015

Pear and almond in the nose,

Like most orange wines, this come on a bit strong, and astringent. Medium bodied with anise, almond skin, and a nice sharp lingering tannic end.
@mayden dc
— 23 days ago

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Sounds intriguing. I've never had an orange wine before.
MaJ CappS

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@Trixie Orange wines (white varietals with extended skin contact) can be interesting in so many,differently ways. Try them whenever you can!

Tchotiashvili Family Vineyards

Dry Red SB Tavkveri 2016

A little soft for my tastes. Very enjoyable though. — 11 days ago

Pheasant's Tears

Polyphony Kakheti Dry Unfiltered 417 Variety Field Blend 2017

Very interesting. Never had anything like it. Great with salmon. Nutty, paint thinner, burnt butter, must, saline. Odd and good at the same time. Served in traditional drinking bowl. — 11 days ago


Qvevri Dry Kisi 2016

Специи, известка, молотый черный перец, прополис, хурма, курага, цедра апельсина, чай, коньячные ноты, грецкий орех. Мощно, объемно и выразительно, с богатой текстурой, хорошей кислотностью и ещё молодыми, но аккуратными танинами. Вначале в носе выпирают не совсем чистые тона стройматериалов, но потом они уходят и остаётся интенсивная перечность, наложенная на фактурную фруктовость. Интересно, хоть и не без вопросов. — a month ago

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Zurab Ghvaladze Winery

Special Edition for Piano Restaurant Tsolikauri 2017

A special and still somewhat mainstream earthy white. — 8 days ago

Friends' Wine

Akhmetis Mtsvane 2016

Very dry with a great acidity. Notes of white flowers, unripe peach skin, almond, lemon pith, and subtle green apple.
Can’t wait to have this during the summer
— 22 days ago

Pheasant's Tears

Dry Unfiltered Chinuri 2017

Currants, castelvetranos, kale, dried mango wtf — 5 days ago