Tchotiashvili Family Vineyards

Dry Red SB Tavkveri 2017

Lots of cherry and jam notes on the nose, but very dry, characteristically of georgia, tastes like a 1/3 of the what the nose smells, very interesting — 6 days ago

Shalauri Cellars

Rkatsiteli 2015

Dry, amber wine with compliments to dark red meats — 7 days ago

Baia's Wine

Imereti Qvevri Tsolikouri 2017

Mycket tjusig doft. Rosor och inbjudande fruktkompott. Väldigt frisk med lätt kropp och flera nivåer av smak och textur. Kul! — 9 days ago

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Askaneli Brothers

Rkatsiteli Qvevri

Inte så tort som det annonserats. Syrligt och gott. — 9 days ago

Vartsikhe Marani

Dry Red Otskhanuri Sapare 2018

Absolutely fantastic georgian version of a burgundy, its got a little damp earth funk, but very juicy, aromatic, good dry acidity, a little licorice — 6 days ago

Archil Guniava

Kvaliti Otskhanuri Sapere Tsolikouri

Tannic, opens up nicely so make sure to let it breathe. Aroma and flavor of plums with an emphasis on the skin. Beautiful color — 15 days ago

Château Mukhrani

Saperavi 2015

Big and round — 5 days ago

Suki Wessling
with Suki

Tchotiashvili Family Vineyards

Rcheuli Qvevri Dry Rkatsiteli 2016

Peach Tea, fig, candy on the nose, very dry and astringent on the palate, tastes like black tea but smells very fruity — 6 days ago

Bertlani's Marani

Obolziani Dry Rkatsiteli 2015

Amazing small batch Georgian wine from Khaketi. — 2 days ago

Akhmeta Wine House

Mtsvane Kakhuri

So many different notes during evolution in glass and bottle after opening. The hint of smoke that emerged was perhaps the most surprising. Somehow balance was maintained throughput. — 22 days ago