Georg Müller


Alto Adige - Südtirol Müller-Thurgau 2017

Very European label. Color of, well pee in the bowel. Maybe a bit brassy. Smells of wood and sweet grass. Maybe some wet rocks and hint of scotch. Flavors are clean and unexpected. Bit of butter to go with the candy lemon peel, gooseberry and ripe pears. There is a savory strange element that really gives it a specialness. A kinda broth-y, Unami. Smooth on the tongue, velvety even. This is a trippy white wine. Kinda reminiscent of some CA Chard, but way less boring. — 12 days ago

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Matthias Müller

Rheinschiefer Riesling 2015

This is the most basic riesling by the family Müller. Only costs € 5,60 and you are expected to drink real fast. Like within a year. But nothing is more true. 5 years later it is still a great glas. Fruit has ripened, more complex. Fresh but with a bit of caramel. Nice acids. — 9 days ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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Riesling Magic 💪

Egon Müller

Scharzhofberger Auslese Riesling 1976

Tasted blind, from two combined bottles. Dark gold color. Hazy in the glass because our host wanted to include the fine sediment in the pours. Great nose. Notes of apricot, petrol, rocks and stones, some spice. Sweet impact in the mouth, packs a wallop with its still present light acidity. Guessed 60’s-70’s German. Over the evening this grew and grew, delivering some Wow moments for everyone. — 22 days ago

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Alan Weinberg

Alan Weinberg

you literally combined the bottles? What if one were off? Wouldn’t that ruin the other?
Mike Saviage

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I made the same comment to our host but he knew how to approach it. All the wines were combined after lengthy decants to be sure they were good to be combined. He felt the old wines showed better by complementing each other in the service. In the end he was right.
Mike Saviage

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Solo decants then combined

J. B. Becker

Wallufer Oberberg Müller-Thurgau Kabinett trocken 2016

Give this a big sniff. Honey. The orange blossom honey straw at the farmers market. It's suggestively sweet but without the slightest bit of residual sugar. Black peppered honey, coriander, and pineapple. A light weight - I"m guessing 10.5% - 11.5% ABV. B — 15 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Never tasted the '17 Liaison, my bottles went directly into storage, the '17 'Basis' aka Baden PN was outstanding, hence I was confident the Liaison was likely off the hook. I'll find out in a few years after it settles a little.
Ely Cohn

Ely Cohn

@Severn Goodwin kind of interesting. 2017 at 12%, 2018 at 14.1%
Severn Goodwin

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Yeah, I'll my my '18's in a few weeks, I may sample one. Did have an '18 'Basis' in Aug, very tasty. I generally use the Baden PN to give me a read on all the upper tier bottles, same with the rosé. They are usually good indicators.

Matthias Müller

Bopparder Hamm Engelstein Kabinett Riesling

Vintage 2015 | beautiful smell with marsipan, bananas and minerality. Medium weight, quite a lot of sugar and honey impression. Actually a bit to sweet to combine it with the shrimp salad. Heads up to the next combination. — 9 days ago

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Willem Jan Withagen

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Great minds think alike. 🤪 From the wine trip, some good finds.

Egon Müller

Château Belá Alibernet 2013


Great colour, smell and taste. Full taste and dark colour make this wine really special. We had anno 2013 so a 7 year old wine which was fabulous. — 16 days ago


Bürgergarten "Im Breumel" Großes Gewächs Riesling 2017

Way too young, but still phenomenal. On the nose:.lime, soft yeast, flowers and baking soda,wet aromatically dense. On the palate: excellent acidity, otherworldly dry-extract, with lime, sour guava, salt, loads of wet stone, and a touch of yeastiness. Wish I could keep my hands off these! — 3 days ago

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Erste + Neue Kellerei

Südtirol Alto Adige Müller-Thurgau 2018

Rad and refreshing white from Alto Adige. Grassy with vaguely tropical green fruit notes: quince, kiwi and sour apple jolly rancher. — 5 days ago

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Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

Nice to Rad coming back into the vernacular.


Mußbacher Eselshaut Auslese Riesling 2004

stole the show. From a 375. Had to open a second bottle. Orange marmalade and apricot. — 2 days ago

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Weingut Brand

Wilder Satz Pur Müller-Thurgau Blend

Best white skin contact wine - funky and fresh — 10 days ago