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Cruse Tradition Chardonnay - Pinot Noir Rosé Blend

Wonderful rose with Strawberries and rhubarb and fine, fine, fine bubbles. 12.5% — 7 days ago

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@Rob Brobst III All of these Cruse wines are so good 👍🥂 even the still wines are great values🍷

Cruse Wine Co.

Rancho Chimiles Vineyard Pétillant Naturel Valdiguié

Pear and citrus, soft mousse, herbal, moderate complexity and length 🥳 — 8 months ago

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Tradition Sparkling Chardonnay - Pinot Noir Blend

Green apple, lemon zest, baked bread. — 10 months ago

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Charles Heintz Vineyard Syrah

Light, dry, tannic and Gamey. Very different than your typical Cali Syrah. — 7 days ago

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Rancho Chimiles Vineyard Valdiguié 2016

Red and blue fruit, silky tannin, good acid, balanced 👌 — 6 months ago

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Alder Springs Vineyard Blanc de Noirs 2017

Very Anderson Valley. Sweeter than Ultramarine; reminded me of Lichen sparkling. — 9 months ago

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Rorick Vineyard Muscat 2018

Really interesting wine. Great floral nose, orange and orange blossom. Rich flavor but not sweet. Not for the meal, for the in between cheese course before the sweet course. Or just when it can be considered. — 2 years ago

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Monkey Jacket North Coast Red Blend 2019

Bargain find in Houston TX. Lovely blend of pepper, blackberries and cranberries and the slightest hint of effervescence that gives lift. Enjoyed outside in 90 degree Texas humidity and was light as a feather. Perfect example of the balance that can be achieved with California wines. — 2 months ago

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Rorick Vineyard Chardonnay 2019

This wine is juicy. It has a wonderful juicy, vanilla, smooth aroma and taste. It has some vanilla notes and it's smooth but not buttery like in some Chardonnay. It's very fruit forward with peach flavors lingering after the finish. I'm surprised by this Chardonnay, wonderfully surprised. It is so good! I feel likenthe wine ages as you drink it, so you'll experience wondeful different flavors as you drink.

Color: Yellow, golden, wheat color like Chardonnay. Beautiful gold like a ome would expect in a gold carrier bracelet.

Aroma: lovely kinda sweet, creamy, vanilla aroma with some peach aromas. Smells quit fruit forward and like juice ripe fruit mixed in a creamy vanilla. But it doesn't smell sweet like dessert. There's some toasty aromas like Graham crackers. It smells absolutely delicious, you just can't wait to dive in.

There's some nice acid that gives a little shock to the jaw as your tongue is loving layer with a smooth, vanillay flavor. The flavor gently fades away in the finish. It feels like you've bitten into a wonderful ripe piece of summer fruit like a juicy peach and tangerine. It's a clean refresh finish when chewed. As the wine airs, it gets gently bitter like an orange peel.
— 8 months ago